YOU MUST FIND YOUR PURPOSE – Best Motivation Video for 2017 | Motivational Speeches Compilation

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WHY aren’t you successful yet? There’s a good chance it’s because you haven’t figured out your PURPOSE in life. This is a Motivational Video that will help you realize that you need to start spending more time finding out your purpose in 2017.

Some of the brightest minds and best motivational speakers give their opinions on finding your purpose. If you think this video can motivate and inspire someone for the new year, please share it with them!

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Tony Robbins
Eric Thomas
Nick Vujicic
Les Brown
Chris Ross
Jones 2.0
Walter Bond

What Is Your Why (3:07-5:15)
Music & Speech by Fearless Motivation
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Sunder – Music by Really Slow Motion
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forshee pious, shakayla wilkins,

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great! great ! great !

Keith Mintz says:

Awesome video! All 100% true! I believe that practicing spirituality and finding your path takes a great part in finding your passion and life mission that you will be happy achieving! Check out my Chanel and my blog for spiritual and mental success!

Patrick Barnes says:

Ghost just a mile of skulls at a time till i dust these devils off of my feet

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This ACTUALLY changed my mind!! I always use your channel while I do my homework. Thanks for doing this!!

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Great video thanks for sharing 🙂
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Just found this channel. Glad I did ! Great video!! #Powerful

Ahmad Wasfy says:

Yes Why????? because I am I need to start in my own i don't need any help from any one I mean it's should except the help but thanks a lot just leave me alone that is my why !

Motiversity says:

"You were created for something awesome. Find your purpose!"

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Thank you. I keep coming back back to your channel because …it brings me to find God n be the best that I can be. You You are very appreciated here.

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