Value of Time Inspirational Video

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Juniper Punch says:

Do you know the name of the instrumental music in the background?

Chamarthi Lakshminarayana says:

very very nice videos

ScoreCrow says:

Ask the person who wastes his time watching a video about the value of time….
to realize the value of 5 minutes… (and 7 seconds) xD

Kishore Babu says:

This videos is slow paced….i think i have wasted 5 minutes by just watching this video….

Susan Powers says:

The most valuable is our time we give to friends Parnters and business colleagues etc

G0ttaBeFresh says:

get the fuck out of here you cunt!


Great video ! Thank you very much ! Lost time never comes back !

Ivano says:

great video 😀

TacSav253 says:

youre absolutely correct; the dude has the right to dislike the video. I just didnt like the way he went about expressing his opinion lol so, I expressed my dislike for him, which is also my right ;D

mjmj604bby says:

Calm down brah hes entitled to his opinion

balynevil says:

well.. if your time is so valuable, tha tyou are actually losing value there while you wait… why not offer to pay for their grosseries, so they can get the hell out of your way…. when ever you are considering if something is worth your time, ask yourself "how much would I be willing to pay to not have to wait".

TacSav253 says:

@Cedric5Lee maybe you're already inspired you fuckin twit. I think this video is brilliant.

Karo Tasker says:


BlueMonstter says:

@MichaeljacksonAFG no dude , you just learnt the value of time

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