“Training For Greatness” Motivational Workout Speech (Big Brandon Carter)

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Behind The Scenes and Workout Video Shoot (Big Brandon Carter)


Mikule Walters says:

+Brandon Carter I turn up to this shit man been working out for almost a year now. I won't stop! 

David Greene says:

I aspire for greatness. Thanks for helping me get there. 

Zackary Marshall says:

Brandon you a beast 

Andrei jj says:

This is what i do EVERY DAY ! its fells great ! 

Lee Champion says:

I can't wait. I just started reading your book and doing your workouts. Thanks.

Lee Champion says:

Would love to be able to download the audio so I can listen to this in the car, in the gym…every morning!

TheRageMachine says:

Great workout speech!! Can you do once "A day in the life of Brandon Carter" vid? 

Chris Downie says:

hey Brandon, I know I probably wont get a reply, but if I dont ask I wont get, what would you say is the best way to improve lung capacity and bring my running times down, looking to go into the RAF and cant do a mile and a half quick enough, cheers in advance

conarr77 says:

always inspiring…

lfcludovic says:

Great stuff here again BBC thanks! Keep doing these awesome motivational videos 🙂 Also, half of this vid was focus on that blond girl's ass, not complaining though. 3:)

Weird world says:


ElectricAMV says:

BBC you are the man, love these inspirational vids reminds me to keep on grinding for greatmess! 

Joseph Rodriguez says:

Brandon Carter should work for beachbody

MrBubbly1 says:

Hey BBC, do you live in md cause I was watching your video and you said you went to a college in d.c.

Richard Fox says:

amazing speech!

james pino says:

U recommend tea Rex to a 16 year old

Messa127 says:

i fuck with this 

sonjae09 says:

Thanx for that motivation BBC need it that bro..

Raul De Abreu says:

Big C…. lot of repect bro!

Erik Frank says:

Love these motivational speeches. Helps me power through my workouts and rest of my day. Keep em coming love you man!

ValiantEddie says:

Love the choice in music. What is the track called?

Griffin Borger says:

1:23 Muay Thai shorts! Another great vid! Thanks bro.

The OriginalEli says:

Those girls got wooty.

prettysimplemusic says:

Excellent!!!  Now, let me shut this computer down and get my workout gear on!!!
Thanks +Brandon Carter 

Joshua Badillo says:

You sir are a legend. 

Eric F (Eric2Fit) says:

Very motivating!!!  Thank You
Every time you give up, you train yourself to be a BITCH! LOL

Jarel Jones says:

Yo Brandon Carter I'm heading into college hoping to be a personal trainer. Any advice on how to reach that goal? My goal is similar to yours, I want to leave a lasting influence on peoples lives and show them that those who say they can't are always the first ones to quit.

GladX says:


Ed Nieves says:

Why would anyone dislike this video? Dumbass

Wasim Yousuf says:

That was great man!! Whats the name of the track?

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