Tips To Organize Your Health, Life, & Spirituality

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A compilation of JRE shorts courtesy of Joe Rogan & guests of his podcast. These very clips have changed the way I think, I feel about myself, & the way I treat the rest of the world. Listen in a quiet place with an open mind & use the tools from the video to question how you have been living.

#LetsGoChange #JRE


Liz Russo says:

I needed this today! Fuck yeah!

Bryan Partington says:


James Reck says:

A friend of mine committed suicide back in 2015. My life was a mess. I weighed 372 lbs I was abusing drugs and alcohol daily. I was catching legal charges. And today only about 2 years later I weigh about 200lbs with lots of lean muscle. I have almost 2 years of sobriety. I got all of my charges dropped and I even have a letter of recommendation and explication from multiple judges, so I can join the military in the near future. Going through this experience the hardest part was to stay motivated. Listening to Joe Rogan podcasts was my answer man. Thank you for the awesome motivating material and and proud to say that I got to grow alongside with you.

Chris hicks says:

this changed my life at 2:57am

Mark Patrick says:

Changed my thought process forever! Ty…

Arthur Burczak says:

Whats the song at 17:00?

daryl geanga says:

Thanks for making this brother

Kai R says:

Wow. Esp the first clip.

Marcin Widz says:

I already gave up. I just decided to try again. Thank you.

Isaac Flores says:

Yo this is a new start my lifeThis really help me a lot and I hope it helps other people because any day I can have a heart attack now and today’s the day I’m ready to change my life

ian4africa says:

This is really amazing

Krait says:

Would have preferred this edited together without the music.

Mike SJ says:

I'm a loser and always will be. I can't set my mind on anything I'm just a waste of space. I'm dumb and pathetic. Why can't i amount to anything like everyone else.

Masao says:

14:44 made me cry to hard

GamesOD says:

What was the sound of the piano playing at the beginning?.

GamesOD says:

Thank you for this video.

Caleb Lopez says:

After listening to Joe Rogan talk about fitness in such a positive light I've lost 35 pounds. Definitely helped me see things in a more positive perspective

Frederico Godzales says:

This is dope as fuck. Saving this clip to draw on when I need some inspiration

Cornwall1888 says:

The brain is the general, the troops are the body, the troops don’t want to do it but you say ‘fuck you’ and you do it, tremendous

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