THIS IS WHAT SCHOOL SHOULD REALLY TEACH YOU – Top 5 Motivational Videos of 2018

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Take the time to watch this! INCREDIBLE SPEECHES!
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Will Smith
Jim Kwik
David Knapp
Elliot Hulse
Joel Osteen
Derren Hardy
Jordan Peterson
Elliott Hulse
William H. McRaven
Eric Zimmer
Mel Robbins
Oprah Winfrey
Tom Bilyeu
Grant Cardone
Isaiah Hankel
Bob Proctor
Chase Jarvis
Leo Gura
Jack Canfield
Brian Tracy
Stefan James
John C. Maxwell
Robin Sharma
Nick Vujicic
Jocko Willink
Terry Crews
Denzel Washington
Kanye West
Jared Leto
Brendon Burchard
Michael Gerber
Casey Neistat
Jack Ma
Team Fearless
Andy Frisella
Bo Sanchez
Eric Thomas
Freddy Fri
Jocko Willink
Les Brown
Matt Oechsli
TD Jakes
Trent Shelton
Matthew McConaughey
Tony Robbins
David Goggins
Jordan Peterson
Gary Vaynerchuk
Terry K. Anderson

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Michael Roberts
Myles Shank
North Film Co
Porte Faust Portfolio
SHMLV video
A Journey: Day to Night at Uluru/Ayers Rock (Short Time lapse Film)s
adidas gymnastics (All In All Gym)
Aidan Sheahan – “Insight”
At Last Short Film
Borning Land – Short Film Trailer
Broken Xmas – Short Film
Div | ded [Short Film]
TO DIE FOR (Post Apocalyptic Short Film)
THE VIEW / Short Film
THE PHOTOGRAPHER – short horror film
The Drive (2017) short film
SUEÑOS DE UN CICLISTA ( Biker dreams )
The Question (short film)
The short-eared owl
l’Histoire au Quotidien avec Mac Lesggy en Drone
Korean Short Film – Vacantly
MAISON LUCHA I Introducing movie
D A L V I N (2017) Mini Short Film
One day | Short film
Still Standing (Short Film)
The Membrane [Short Film]
Universal myth – metaphor short film
[Short film] SLEEPER – Don’t Miss Out on Your Life
2XU Commercial – The Inner Coach
BROTHERS – Short Film
Building 256 – A Short Film
Cross / Roads with Kerry Werner and the Major Jake
Grime The Short Film



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Impact Motivation says:

Congratulations on this milestone!!

ELK says:

I can't tell you how many people I've met over the years who say things like "I want to be a millionaire" or "I want to own my own business too." And I know most of them are still struggling even if I don't have a readily accessible list of names and numbers.

Because most people are full of crap. They say the right things and then keep doing all the wrong things.

Sure, they're not necessarily getting stoned or getting drunk every day. And there are plenty of people who have never spent even a night in jail much less being habitually incarcerated. They might even have a long-term job and have steadily risen in their position at work over the years.

But they watch too much tv, listen to too much music, watch too many movies, play too many video games. Or they gossip with their acquaintances and never really develop meaningful relationships although they use the term friends very liberally. Or they obsess about buying junk whether it's clothes or cars or maybe even a boat and thus they trap themselves by becoming possessed by their possessions and all the pitfalls of materialism. Or they prioritize spending time with friends and family when those so-called friends and family fail to give them anything uplifting or encouraging and, so often instead, offer demotivating thoughts and discouragement because those so called friends or family have already surrendered and misery loves company and that's why so many people are discouraging to others when someone mentions a goal or a dream they have.

Those naysayers are often just scared adults. They're scared that you'll become successful and then look back at them and not have much respect for those people who chose to toil away in the struggle of mediocrity rather than to toil away in the pursuit of the best that life has to offer however you define success.

There are two kinds of people in this world and there's really no way of getting around this one. There are people who pay their dues, often for many decades, to the Excuse Manufacturers Association and they consistently make a habit out of manufacturing one excuse after another no matter what happens in life.

That's a big big club that 90%+ belong to.

The other club is much smaller because very few people are willing to put in the effort to be highly successful. They excuse manufacturers association is chock full of whiners and complainers and, honestly, some very negative minded people. But that's their choice.

That second club, some might even call it the 1% Club, is full of the most successful people who maintain their success story. It's not the idiots who buy lottery tickets hoping to strike it rich and then, even after winning a big lottery, a few years later they have spent all that money and are broke again.

It's not full of the whiners who complain that life didn't give them a fair shot while they manufacture excuses about being black or not having the right connections or whatever mumbo jumbo is.

That second club, is smaller but it's filled up with people who blocked out the BS, who quit hanging out with people who weren't going anywhere in life even if that meant family and instead spent all that wasted time working on what they found important and became great at it.

That second club has all the self-made millionaires and more. It has all the success stories from business, to politics, to entertainment and sports, to inventions and so forth. These people might have once been in the Excuse Manufacturer's Association but they tore up their membership card and quit paying homage to a pack of losers.

Instead, they quit watching tv, quit all the nonsense that doesn't produce crap, and buckled down on their mission in life at least for that period of time.

Most people talk a good game but it's just talk. They can't imagine locking yourself away to do something that will fundamentally change the world as we know it and to come up with that solution that other's later say "oh, yeah, I heard about that" without understanding the positive impact (added value) and why the person who doubled down, and really focused on their mission or goal or dream, is now a billionaire or knocking on the door (figuratively speaking) of someone like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet.

The people in the Excuse Manufacturers Club think success comes easy and they, for the most part, gave up on putting in the hard work it does take a long time ago. They quit on themselves. They surrendered to mediocrity. They are still part of the rat race but they they quit racing to get out of the rat race.

Some of them are even in their sunset years now. And they whine about the price of a meal out at a run of the mill restaurant. They bitch about how much it costs to get repairs done on their vehicles. Because that's the price you pay for choosing to be mediocre. That's the price you pay for being normal.

I say, dare to be abnormal. Dare to be phenomenal. Set a goal in your mind and dare to do what other people rarely even consider.

But be careful who you mention your goals and dreams to. There are saboteurs among us. There are character assassins. There are sociopaths and psychopaths clinically speaking. They want you to fail although they will never have the guts to tell you that to your face.

They want you to be just like them. Misery loves company and they want you to surrender just like they have.

You can choose to be discouraged by the haters. Or you can turn their hate into the fuel you need to reach your goals and dreams so you can stand there someday, maybe not even saying a word, and with a smile on your face you will realize that everything you just read was the absolute truth.

Life is nothing more than a series of choices and a series of experiences. And it's a short trip even if you think living to 90 is a long life.

You can choose to keep manufacturing excuses and wind up toiling away in mediocrity not having really made much of a difference in this world.

Or you can leave that baggage unattended for some other sucker to come along and pick up and carry while you actualize your purpose in life.

Whether or not you realize it. Life is a race. And you're already on the clock. Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking…into the future.

So what are you going to do with the rest of your life?

Cam Robertson says:

'It's more difficult to rule yourself, than rule the city.' Great quote, love it!

Matt Kivnani says:

lets conquer today join my channel for everyday motivation

Desmond Dwyer says:

If we all just live for our self the world is fucked,,"I'm all right jack take your hands of my stack"

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