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Video: “Limitless” & “Silver Linings Playbook”
Music: Zack Hemsey – “The Way”
Other Audio: Greg Plitt


SkeleOfNi says:

Perspective: We've come so low that someone who actually gets up from the sofa to live his life is like a superhero.


Iamtherealjonas says:

I finally know the way

Antriksh Tawra says:

Some have said that I was given keys to the city of your dreams
I'm more content to walk outside the walls and catch a breeze
I'm more inclined to climb on by or ride internal seas
I'm more alive to vibe inside a mansion full of trees
I do this for a reason that they can't pretend to glean
I lose myself infused in something more than what they've seen
I'm not a slave to greed
I don't embrace your make believe
I've never been for sale no matter what they think I need
So let it be decreed
Let this music serve the deed
Let it spread like a disease
Let it spawn a noble seed
There's more than meets the eye
There's more than meets the price
If you can't see the sky there's too much artificial light
I can't predict my path, but they can't fully see my past
I'm running from the flash but heading straight inside the blast
A mountain full of ego built upon a heap of trash
Is exactly what you get when you can't fully do the math.

SuperLanceyPants says:

I hope this video never gets deleted I can't tell you how much this helps me

El GIZMO says:

drugs apologies

rodger says:

can't beat that "Evolution of Walter White vid" 😉

DreDeny says:

I never expected silver linings playbook to be associated with Zack Hensley. Nicely done.

Max Zhu says:

After listening to this, I become a founder of others' dream.

Gordon Reeves says:

This is incredible – so well-edited and beautifully conceived. It uses 'Limitless' and ''SLP' perfectly!

Nix 266 says:

I love Limitless. Who knows what im talking about?

Sarang Sarage says:

Greg Plitt and Eddie Morra is the best combination for motivation!

Mine Gamer says:

what the movie in This song pleas tell me

marina Jim says:

Song: Zack Hamsey ''the way''

XxTemples GamingxX says:

dude i love this it's so true and thanks to this I never give up and now I spread the word

FoxoDile Santiago says:

Anybody seen the car commercial with this song in it yet?

Captin America598 says:

The world doesn't end in blood and guns but in tears spend your life wisely because any you or anyone could not be on this planet you tell yourself is this what you want do is this what you want to be?! Then go for it!!!!!!

Exotic says:

The first step to winning is losing – -Mason Seebold

Katherine Pierce says:

could someone please write the text or link it? it's so inspiring!

Juanito Gonzalez says:

this actor plays in hella movies

AverageChamp says:

Movie name?

Kazoh says:

This video is helping me a lot. Not sure why, I mean, the message is pretty deep and true in every aspect, however this isn't new information to me.

I guess it is the way it is thrown at us, maybe the tone is what makes this truly inspirational. Regardless of reason, this is a true masterpiece for those willing to listen.

Nelson G. says:

the guy in the movie took a pill. in real life there's no pill we can take.

Hong Joshyy says:

#Greg Plitt wowzers

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