The BEST Way to Become a PAID Speaker (How to Become a Motivational Speaker & Make Money)

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**Become a PAID speaker here:
**[FULL DISCLOSURE] I’m a proud affiliate of YSU. I would NEVER recommend anything or anyone who hasn’t provided some form of value or proven results for me or others. I value you and my work too much for me to sell out like that. And yes, this does mean that I receive a very small commission for those who sign up through my link. Your investment helps take care of the little things that keep me going. So I thank you in advance 🙂 Hope this clears up any confusion. Either way, I highly recommend you check out Josh’s free video training series. It will help you get started on the right track. You got nothing to lose. Trust me on this one. I’m living proof that his stuff works.
Here’s the link again:
Official website:
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In this video, motivational speaker and confidence coach Yahya Bakkar share’s the best way to become a paid speaker and how to become a successful motivational speaker. After speaking around the world for over 5 years, he has a proven strategy that can help aspiring speakers, life coaches, educators, parents and game changers who want to make an impact and income in the shortest amount of time possible…succeed. The speaking program that Yahya recommends will give you the tools you need to get booked and paid to speak in no time. Click here for the program:


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Marina Leskovich says:

hey Yahya! Thanks for the info:) I want to sign up, but their registration for the program is closed right now. I did sign up for the email list, but I'm not sure when the registration for the program will open again..

Mushtaq Ali A.s says:

Sir send me tips on whatsapp 8549984538

Marie Ireland says:

Awesome as usual!! 🙂

LISA & MARCO Pastran/Binger says:

blah blah blah!!!!

Jdgaf myob says:

do you need to be qualified or got some academic experience to be a speaker?

Anteneh Tesfaye Manaye says:

wow i loved it ,,,,,,tnx so much i want to talk with u …..i want to be best motivational speaker….i need uyour help

suriel cruz says:

how can you do it

Miss Chloe Elizabeth says:

Do you know of any programs in Australia? Thanks 🙂

mr. hacker says:

are tunisian Because your family name is bakkar

Chris Scheib says:

hey yahya you may not remember me but we took a picture together in a highschool in stevens I am a huge fan now and when I felt down about highschool you cheered me up and made me feel more confident about myself and I thank you for that

Thomas Denny says:

Yahya, for the past 8 years of my life the people around me have told me that I am a great public speaker. I've always had this vision of speaking to the public and making a lasting change in their lives. I never followed this vision because of fear and self-doubt. Meeting you last year at the Non-Jobs inspired me to make a huge change.

I am moving from Tampa to Phoenix by myself next week to really get out of my comfort zone and have no choice but to make this work. Thank you for your inspiration brother 🙂

Jonathan Garcia says:

hey, I remember when you went to my middle school, Lincoln Middle School

Dreaming Black Angel says:

I don't what to be a speaker because I'm afraid to talk in front of people.
But omg I meet you today.
you are amazing and you inspired me alot and made my day.
I'm the girl that told you that my parents are Arab too hope you remember me and thank you again for making my day!!

yousef sobhy says:

i can't do dubstep beatbox because it hurt me
if you have any advice for me.please tell me
and i learn from alot so that i ask for help from you

Maherban Ali says:

hey buddy thatz daamn awesome video M intrested in this Concept but all time i think of this something holds me back help me man i tried all the things speaking infront of mirror and all… thank you

Jimbo Jimbo says:

You speak very expressively and clear, similar to Elliott Hulse.. is this something you learned or have you always been this way? thx

Topzuplong says:

Why dont you Periscope Anymore

Alvan Le says:

Although I don't want to become a public speaker, I'm going to check out the free videos because I love to learn 🙂

TheRealest says:

Bro I relate to you, I saw you on Brandon Carters channel, and I heard what you said about your porn addiction. It BLEW my mind! I had a porn addiction since I was 10 years old and just quit this past April. The worlds a brighter place my man, I hope to share my story on YouTube sometime later this year.

#thecolormage says:

HOT DAMN! Yes yes yes!

Omar Ashraf says:

you are best

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