The Best Motivation Video 2016 – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

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Speaker – Les Brown ( )

Artist: Christopher Lawton
Track: When We Were Young (Copyright Free)

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Beautywith Olivia says:

This helps me through depression…

XD40 Springfield says:

Distracting the toxic people around me is really hard at first but gets easier every day!!!

Philly T. Rex Mom says:

This video is my absolute favorite!!!!! "What are you gonna do about it?"

Noor Aloyoon says:

"victims are people that are powerless, you're not powerless you're POWERFUL"
The beat speech ever! Can't pass my day without listening to it

Feedz T says:

I fucking hate this world… you want to compete with me? You want to try to step on my throat? Come I will kill you, I will go out blasting. I will burn this earth right to the fucking floor and piss on the ashes. I HATE YOU ALL I HATE YOU. LOOK AT THE WARS! LOOK AT THE IGNORANCE THE FEAR THE HATE in your coward eyes! I hate you

the russian the russian says:

make a boxing version thanks not sure if u already have also subbed

Daudy Desantos says:

U can go through life coming with a reason or result. Excuses or achivements.complaining or accomplishment

Kuro Raion says:

yes I am going to take some chances, yes I will laugh at the face of my fears and tell them'' you all can't hold me down any longer, because I have decided to change''

Second Opinion says:

This is Really Really Powerful… Truly hits home! Life is short

Ananth Raman says:

"Used to bees don't make no honey!" Powerful.

Adam Keehnle says:

I love this so much thank you for the Post

X X says:

Man , I let stuff tear me up so much . Weed, alcohol , porn , self doubt , self pity, no motivation . Time to fight

tebogo bodibe says:

very inspiring, it touched my heart and woke me up

George Nikola says:

Exactly… drive a line enough is enough

Ryan Taube says:

Ya i love it.

Yvonce' says:

This life is not a dress rehearsal. You have to give it the best you have by discarding toxic people that doesn't belong in your life.

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