The Best Motivation Video 2016 – BECOME FEARLESS

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Speaker – Les Brown ( )

Music: wodkah – Check out his awesome music:

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BROSOME 1223 says:

all the things I fear I no more fear.Fear holds back my dreams, and I don't want my dreams to be held back.I want my dreams to be a success and thanks to that speech I fight my fears and accomplish my dreams.Thankyou!!☺

Anil Lata Prasad says:

amen God bless .wish in my life

CoryxKenshin Fan says:

im kinda already frearless but i'll watch it for fun 😀

Labrelle Tumblin says:

Speak the word!! God didn't give us a spirit of fear , but of LOVE PEACE & of a SOUND MIND !

Debbie Grant says:

Thx u i will start with me first becoming unfearful.
Use tool ofspeaking to myself

Bernice Delgado says:

This video has been my morning inspiration. I've really internalize all the information and actually do hear something different every time I re-listen to it. Thank you for making this video and sharing it with the world and not keeping what you worked hard to have in your life.

Beatrice Lopez says:

im so grateful and thankful for all these motivation videos i needed these so much i lost everything within my self i thought i was a lost caused i believed everything bad of someone i loved said to me i want a good life so i can be iin my kids and grandbabys lifes i will do everything to change myself. i deserve it i wont let my life go the way it is .i used drugs and i dont.i used every excuse to keep using because i could handle everything bad in my life no more feeling sorry for myself r blaming others i put myself in the situations now i will get myself out .thank u for all the videos ty

Luis Adrien says:

thank you les brown. you just lift me up

Raj Ramma says:

What's the name of this guy? he's really influential. great video!

Ovi Lelea says:

who created this? does anybody know?

Guerilla Ent. says:

beautiful. absolutely beautiful. go out there and get what you are meant to have!!!! the only thing that can stop you in this life, is yourself.

Vang Hang says:

2017 I will not put you to waste

Jannat Karim says:

i am a real insecure person .your videos helps me a lot to no give up !!!!

Ghadi Atallah says:

where can i find the speech?

yoga says:

(To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom. Quote Bertrand Russell) If you want to become fearless a intrinsic quest is needed to unravel your inner demons and face them. The quest only can start when you know the real truth about the nature of the mind and life in general. Curious? For the 1st time ever the ultimate Truth of Life has been revealed, it explains the big picture of life in every facet, including the real Truth about the mind and the way to overcome the mental prison permantly. Google Truthcontest and read the Present

Ali Mohamed says:

great motivation bro !!! thnx alot … Fear is the enemay of humans …. is the weapon of the devil … fight your fear … destroy your inner dimons … seek the light of your soul !!!

Nithin Adidela says:

No matter what
just go see ur dream turn real

Zubair niazi says:

nice good job

2,759,257 views says:

Hy guys! This is was a good motivational speech. I want to say i have so many dreams. I have dreams that people believe it can't happen. I have dreams which i know i can change the world but I Don't know what keeps me down. And I'm 18 years old. I don't know how to achieve them and i have a Huge imagination. I just want to get it off my chest. I an scared to tell my dreams to anyone cuz i think they will laugh. I don't know what to do.

Clorox bleach says:

man i got this thanks for such videos really making me to think out of d box

saad khalid says:

God bless u. Thanks for making me think out of the box.

Mr. Slim Shady says:

Movie names please.

Maxieyi says:

I literally watch this everyday

Athenkosi Athe says:

I owe it all to God…..He carries me when I can't…..He can to you too…..You can't do it on your own…..Surrender to Him….God will make you!!!!!

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