The 50 Billion Dollar Man Comes to Oxford

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For the second time this century, Dan Peña gives a talk outside the castle. A rare event for the 50 Billion Dollar Man! Not to mention that it was given at the Museum of Natural History, Oxford University!





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Thomas SK says:

You don't get commercial loans without collateral.
Seems like I have a lot to learn?

tim lazenby says:

Love to know if the blondie made it big and does she want to get married??

BetterThanEver says:

He reminds me of Max Hardcore. Wasn't he punished for breaking bones of his students? He seems to be a dangerous insulting man. Nobody dares to talk against him, because all are afraid & fearful.

eddieraver1 says:


Veggies and Kilos says:

reminds me of my first 100k i felt like i should teach my wisdom…2 M's later and i know i don't really know anythin at all…

Seamus McMichael says:

This is excellent. A lot of people try to sugar coat success, and don't explain how hard it really is giving everyone false beliefs as to what it actually takes. This is realistic and honest!

bobsy bobsy says:

surrounded by a bunch of privilege pricks …fuck the lot of you…Im going to make more money than the entire room of you pricks…firstly because i have got something you pricks havent…balls, secondly because i want you entitled pricks to see that you are not as smart as me…thirdly i want you privileged pricks kissing my asshole, becasue you're not worthy of me and you know it and are in awe of me….fourthly dont give a flying fuck about anything else…..i do whatever i like, whenever i like, i dont live by the clock, i rarely know what day it is, becasue every day is a saturday to me, …im in the fucking game, and you PRICKS MAY SAY ..SHOW ME YOUR MONEY….I WILL SAY …SIT TIGHT PRICKS ….I FUCKING WILL….NOW PISS OFF.
AS you can see i want to knock all you fucking privileged fuckers out…why …because before i saw the light, you fuckers have fumbled your way into positions that i should have been selected for, and got paid decent city wages, fumbling and fucking up jobs i should have been doing, getting big bonuses that i should have been getting…I CONSIDER IT STEALING..YOU FUCKERS STOLE FROM ME. ! YOU FUCKING OWE ME, and i dont like thieves….all because you spent your life studying your weak little pompus asses THIEVING LITTLE BUNCH OF ASS KISSERS, MUMMY AND DADDY BOYS…i have seen it…mummy and daddy get you a job with their fucking fund manager, becasue they have 35 million invested with him…and you read fucking HISTORY…how the fuck does a history degree prepare you to decide which STOCK to invest in…..YES YOUR RIGHT IT DOESNT….NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCHES. BEFORE I hunt you down and STICK A SHIV IN YOU.
Im a fucking lone wolf now…i have zero friends, becasue i thought the bunch of losers i had were my lot…and you pricks wont let me in your doors….
well i fucked off the losers and if you dont open your doors to me your PRICKS, im either coming over your door..under your door..around your door….or if necessary RIGHT THROUGH YOUR FUCKING DOOR…get used to it.

The Nerd Show says:

I love your way of talking. Tell people the cold truth.

goanyways says:

lok50billion okthere

Azza1070 says:

43:50 likes video

Sales Kayondo says:

Where can I get a hold of a copy of "Your first one hundred million"?

Vikram D says:

The challenge with the dream team is like what am trying to build : 1. They don't trust you because you don't have a track record in rolling up 2. Dream team = experienced team and they are very very costly ( they only come for money or significant equity ) 3.they are too conservative executives and /or pussies to consider inorganic m and a strategies with big debts. How do we overcomes this Dan?

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