TAKE A CHANCE – Motivational Video (Feat. Joe Rogan, Les Brown, Kain Carter, Sam Harris)

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A video I thought i should make.
I wanted to help people to really put their life into perspective, and made sure they started doing what they really wanted in life.
Please share if this video helped you!


Joe Rogan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTuElM6T50w
Les Brown : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YN-3ohljcCc
Sam Harris: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3JzcCviNDk#t=65
Hotdamnirock3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjhWlOYxzlk

Moby – Blue Paper

Videos used:
Get Out There: http://vimeo.com/68969551
GoPro: Combing Valparaiso’s Hills:
GoPro – Avalanche Cliff Jump: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwbP9WLX3fY


Motivational Video
Motivational Video
Motivational Video
Motivational Video


Jonathan Limp says:

Why is it that there were 3-4 pieces of music but only one attribution?

Kris Cabrera says:

whats the name of the first song in the video!

Nassima`s Awesome Life says:

This is such an amazing video really motivated me

Victor Montes says:

great video but the big subscribe letters ruin the video

FreakZ says:

This is just what i needed<3Thx

Mark Zola81 says:

I like all speakers but I love the way sam harris doesn't shout to make a point

Eli Kuzmić says:

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ajfam871 says:

Good morning. Go get yours. I just put my 2 weeks in at my job of 14 years. I make good money for an easy job but there's no future. I'm 32 (on Saturday) and it time. My business has been doing well for 5 years since we started it. Sink or swim? well in know how to swim like a ducking dolphin, Lol. There's only one way to find out.

Jason Fontaine says:

Sick you got Sam Harris in a video. More people should cite his work

any name says:

so i should do extreme sports?…..

darkcheetoz says:

kain carter spoke the fucking truth , that really just made me think about those words… i think his words hit the hardest in this video because it is so true.. and hits home for me… knowing both my parents had dreams but never persued them. made me think how life would be different in there shoes.

Shane Dykes says:

Bad Ass ! Rogan !!

Shane Mc Geown says:

PLEASE somebody PLEASE link me to that Joe Rogan speech in the beginning without the background music in it, just the audio of him speaking, thanks!

bradley ohlsson says:

Always enjoy joe rogan but recently ive discovered "alan watts" New perspective on life doesnt necessarily change anything just expand your mind to the complete unknown

Bear Punctuation says:

Really? Videos of people driving bikes and running? Is that really the hardest things people are trying to achieve in their lives?

Johnny Day says:

So you all definitely forgot to tag Kain Carter aka Hotdamnirock.

conofre91 says:

THANK YOU!!!! Keep it up…..AMAZING!!!

Nick B says:

50,000 views, this is crazy.
To me, view counts seem kind of pointless, but honestly the fact that i could even get to just one person to improve themselves makes me feel awesome.
So thanks a ton.

Cassandra Townsend says:

God says, we will have trials and tribulations. BUT" if we " Take the Lick N" , " Keep on Tick N", Stay in HIS Presence. The "JOY" of the LORD Is Our Strength

Bobby Boucher says:

I remember giving up on myself, drinking all the time and smoking, not caring about my life but still caring for others. My father wasn't there, my mother was murdered by my own brother i only had my grand-mother left and she died after she learned about my mother. doctors gave me tons of pills,i was living anxiety and hell everyday but i never gave up there was always that force telling me not to. I've been in the air-force for almost 10 years now, i told myself that iam not crazy! people love me, they want me to get thru this and be happy. i quit all the meds and drinkin, i sill smoke but iam working on it, i dind't feel like posting this but.. its probably good for others.

J Smith says:

No regrets dont live like that it eats at you.. I see my old man … He has Alzheimer's and dementia .. those regrets stay with you… I still love him 

Roshi the Sayian says:

Be The hero of your story

Blake953 says:

Great video…..seize the day my friends! Seize the day!  In spite of all our differences and similarities, in spite of the belief that you may have that you have nothing in common with anyone else, you do…..one day we will all shed these mortal coils.  So go for it! The only condition is that it be life affirming. Live you life my friends. Cheers.

Talal Jowhersha says:

Great video man. What is the song that is playing when Joe Rogan is talking?

PablitaPicasita says:

Sam Harris's bit have me chills.

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