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From 2 University Degrees to 20 Billion Dollars – This is Elon Musk’s Ultimate Advice for high school students and college graduates. Can’t find a job? Neither could billionaire Elon Musk. After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from it’s Wharton School of business, Elon Musk tried and failed to find a job at an internet company. He and his brother then decided to start a web software company called Zip2, and the rest is history! Comment below if you are the next Elon Musk! [More]
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“SigarathaiNokki” an Career Guidance and Motivation Programme for +2 students was conducted on 12/01/2018 at SMVEC Campus. More than 10000 students studying +2 and their parents got benefited in this Educational motivation programme. SHOW MORE
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http://www.findsuccessmentors.com/ College Motivational Speaker Bert Gervais “The Mentor Guy” For College Success, Orientation, Peer Mentorship, Diversity, and Empowering Young Adults and Young Professionals.
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In the premiere episode of PRODIGIES, THNKR introduces you to the incomparable Tanishq Abraham. At 8 years old, Tanishq contemplates the fate of the universe, attends college classes, and discovers super novae. Enter Tanishq’s special world and join him on his quest for knowledge, while meeting the family and teachers who cultivate his genius. PRODIGIES is a bi-weekly series showcasing the youngest and brightest as they challenge themselves to reach new heights and the stories behind them. Photos of Tanishq are © Renee Byer/Sacramento Bee/ZUMA24.com www.ZUMA24.com Follow THNKR on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thnkr Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thnkrtv Check out our Pinterest: [More]
Jagan sir motivational speech Place: manakula vinayagar engineering College Pondicherry Best motivational speech ever
“SigarathaiNokki” an Career Guidance and Motivation Programme for +2 students was conducted on Saturday, 26-11-2016 at SMVEC Campus. More than 9000 students studying +2 and their parents got benefited in this Educational motivation programme.
Craig Stokes, nationally-recognized youth and college motivational speaker, talking a group of 250 middle school students about building their personal brand. For more information, check out http://www.craigstokes.com
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