For many people, stress is a familiar foe. At some point or another, almost all of us get stressed out. However, if stress builds it can become a real problem, not only killing our motivation but also leading to some real health consequences. To beat back stress and stay motivated come what may, consider these tips for staying motivated when stressed. This video is part of our “Motivation March” series. Every week during the month I’ll be giving you a new video on how to stay motivated though some of the most challenging things life can throw at us. [More] // 2015-16 promo —- Brian Miller is a motivational speaker for high school and college students. He inspires students, parents, and teachers to make better, more meaningful connections with the people in their lives. His mantra: “Imagine if we could all feel understood.” Brian combines traditional speaking conventions with live magic demonstrations, audience interaction, laugh-out-loud stories, and open Q&A sessions. Dynamic, wildly entertaining, and inspiring, your students have never seen a speech like this. Visit for more info and to learn how to bring Brian to speak to your students, parents, or educators.