Jennie Lena zingt bij The Blind Auditions van The voice of Holland het nummer “Who’s Loving You” van The Jackson 5. Ze kiest uiteindelijk voor coach Anouk. The voice of Holland is elke vrijdag om 20:30 uur te zien bij RTL 4. Aflevering terugkijken? Check de officiële website: ABONNEER voor meer video’s: THE VOICE OF HOLLAND – SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook –… Instagram – Twitter – OVER THE VOICE OF HOLLAND The voice of Holland is dé talentenjacht die iedere vrijdagavond vanaf 20.30 uur te zien is bij RTL 4. Bij deze show gaat het om [More]
song-Sail Awolnation Imagine if you were blind. Complete darkness, no colors, no views, no beauty. Just pitch black. If you were blind, ask yourself how badly would you want to see? If pushing yourself to your limits would give you sight, would you do it? If there was a cure, would you let anything stand in your way? Would you risk the haters and the critics to see you sweat? Do you really want to see? Would you really care if they mocked you? Laughed at you? Pointed at you? Or bad mouthed you? Would you be concerned about your [More]
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