Motivational Videos Playlist : Subscribe to our HINDI YouTube Channel : INSTAGRAM : @beerbiceps TWITTER : @beerbicepsguy TAMIL BeerBiceps : In today’s super special motivational video – We’re talking about self doubt. This inspirational video comes straight out of my heart since recently, even i was a victim of a lack of self belief – a victim of self doubt. This is MY motivational speech for success in life. This mind training video is the ONLY motivation you need to kick out of that sadness, out of that depression. Success in life boils down to [More]
Motivational Videos : Mental Fitness Series : Today’s VERY special motivational video is what i believe to be the biggest secret of our world. The power of positivity, the law of attraction, the CORRECT way to live out your life. This is my ultimate inspirational video on having the MENTALITY of a king. A man who has conquered both his external world, through his work life, AND his internal world of his mind. This is what i believe is the BEST path to success – developing the mentality of a KING – a RULER. This is my ultimate [More]
How to STUDY for the BEST MARKS in YOUR EXAM : Mental Fitness Series : What’s good you guys? Today’s super special motivational video is all about EXAM INSPIRATION. How to find the motivation and inspiration to get yourself to study. As with any video from the mental fitness series, even today’s video is built according to my own experiences. One of my biggest idols in life is Muhammad Ali. He was who i turned to in order to find the drive and motivation to get myself to work hard, hustle and prepare for my exams. Wanted to [More]