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Hey Youtube! This is my motivational speech on beating addiction. Whether you are thinking about giving up on sobriety or if you need a reminder on why not to go back into the depths of addiction, this video is for you! Addiction is a parasite and we are the host. It will take everything and even our lives. A sober life is worth fighting for! If you know anyone who is struggling, show them this video! I love you guys and remember to keep fighting! Thank you so much for watching my video and I hope you enjoyed! Please like, [More] Motivational Humorist, Patrick Henry delivers funny, motivational speeches that inspire audiences to take action to increase sales, fortify customer relationships, and strengthen teams. He speaks to audiences ranging from association to corporations, educators to students. He is what happens when Keynotes, Comedy, and Concerts…Collide! Patrick can be heard daily on the Sirius/XM radio Family Comedy Channel and the Blue Collar Comedy Channel. Patrick travels out of North Carolina.Patrick Henry performs at the 2009 National Speakers Association (NSA) convention in Phoenix Arizona. A Motivational speaker for people who can’t stand motivational speakers.