Watch this powerful hindi motivational video by Aditya Kumar which will inspire you to stay committed with your timelines. This an inspirational video in hindi empowers you by talking about importance of time management Read full transcript of this video here : Watch another Hindi Motivational Video : ☯️ Paisa zaroori hota hai : 🔴 ◾My Gear : ▶Mic : ▶Laptop : ▶Smartphone : Connect with me on : ⚫Facebook : ⚫Instagram :
This is World’s best Motivational Video on Fear in Hindi by Aditya Kumar. This video is written and narrated by Aditya Kumar. ◾My Gear : ▶Mic : ▶Laptop : ▶Smartphone : Connect with me on : ⚫Facebook : ⚫Instagram : Lyrics : Tujhe darr hai ? Kis baat ka ? Struggle mein failure ka ? Zindagi mein kuch naa kar paane ka ? Pyar mein inkaar ka ? Uske chhod kar chale jaane ka ? Exam mein fail hone ka ? Job mein promotion ka ? Business mein hard work ka ? Tujhe darr hai [More]