Dr. Kevin Elko was the keynote speaker at the Alabama Association of REALTORS Annual Convention in September 2012. The conference was held in New Orleans, LA.
This is a short story of me after my knee surgery (ACL,hamstring graft)…I had an ACL tear back in 2010 in a twister.I did it from height,on that place which is shown at the beginning,and landed really bad.4 months later I did a cash above a car.That was my second big crash,then my knee dislocated too (2011 March).Since then I haven’t been doing any flips and promised myself that 6 months after surgery I will do a backflip.Here it is.Hope you guys learn something from this video and I inspired you.Don’t forget to appreciate everything you have in life and [More]
CASA partners in anti-tobacco grant program with the town of Los Gatos and presents motivational youth speaker Keith Hawkins in series of lectures with students from Los Gatos High School, Fischer Middle School & the Los Gatos Community overall. Keith Hawkins is a national youth speaker that addresses over 400,000 students, educators, business owners, and parents each year. Keith has addressed the United Nations Global Summit, he has been interviewed by Time Magazine, is featured in a national communication book called Between One and Many, and co-authored the books entitled, Teen Power and Beyond and Go M.A.D. Keith has dedicated [More]