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Song : State of mine – Rise
I do not own the copyrights of this video , this video is fan made , if you have anything against my uploads please contact me and I’ll delete it


Alejandro Sanchez says:

Whenever I see powerlifting and crossfit vids, music choice is very different

shantanu saradhna says:

I love sara dottir i am trained like that bt due to poverty i am done this

Mack Dog says:

so much steroids. I wish i had no shame.

Rasmus Lehtonen says:

Automobile rape shadow late dramatic starter Irish profession acquisition baby.

Brendan de Jager says:

Bjorn Ironside is that you?!

MANNY says:

Porque las mujeres que practican CROSSFIT no tienen casi pechos grandes.

Mista' J says:

God this sounds like Chris Volz from Flaw. Anyone? Anyone?

CrossfitVikings says:

Лучший, давай еще !

Julian Jacobs says:

The best Video. 🙂

derrick minton says:

I want to learn how to CrossFit these girls and guys in this video do like what they're doing and I would like to learn someone once told me if you put your mind to it you can Compass anything and I want to learn this

Will Chou says:

This was a great compilation. I feel like different music could've fit this better but overall still great

qwert54965 says:

I just noticed that all of these crossfitters dont have a wide back like bodybuilders do. It looks better tho.

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