Rocky Comeback Speech

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George Wetzel says:

Reminds me of Philly PD hiring tactics!

AlexiFonoz Fonoz says:

im askin myself if stallone wrote this speech by himself..

destincox says:

Get up rock get up ya bum

Grego GM says:

No, I'd say about 19000 people did as well.

thehickschannel says:

@bbenjers Why did ya have to go and bring the shit world of politics into this? You're comment is really iirrelevant. Just listen to friggin Rocky.

Ebthorsrud says:

Am I the only one getting some serious goosebumps from listening to this? 

bbenjers says:

That's why I'm a Ron Paul supporter. Let people be free to make their own decisions and receive praise or blame for them. That bureaucrat is symbolic of similar ones who think they can make decisions for people better than the people can. 

Mandy Hernandez says:

Awesome man this still motivates me

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