“RISE” Motivational Video (Exhibition Drill Version)

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I stumbled across this collaboration of speeches immediately after a particularly trying week, and this video stemmed through it a few weeks following. The only real thing that one can do after a hard time is rise back up; hence the title of the video.

Copyright Infringement Not Intended. No Monetary Profit Being Made From This.

Audio: Rocky Balboa, Any Given Sunday, The Pursuit of Happyness.
Other Audio (speeches): Nick Vujicic, Muhammad Ali, Will Smith, Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Our deepest fear”, “I am champion!”



Dinah Collins says:

Sam, Your videos are amazing. I wish you the best for your future.

for those asking about weight, per search, drill rifles range between 3.5 to 8.5 pounds. May not be accurate. Read: newguardusa.com / paradestore.com / ask.com/wiki/Drill_team / search for Exhibition Drill for more details.

Those watching Sam Gozo, I'm sure you realize his skills are advanced. Again, Great videos & your hard work has paid off. Reach for the sky, Sam! All the best to you for your future! Thanks again.

Gregory McConnell says:

This is outstanding. You are a real inspiration to me. I am a member of the Black Watch Drill Team and exhibition drill is my passion. These videos showed me that winning is up to you and the only one that chooses whether you win or lose is yourself. I respect what you do man. Hooah

Kevin V says:

bro, you dont need the best teacher or the best skills to be great. you need to put in your own determination. On March 27th, the only thing you need to do is promise yourself that you will surpass your own expectations and that you WILL be everything you want to be. then, act on your promise and never let yourself fail. That would make any day unforgettable, because it would be the day your life changes

MrAntwon KiddEra says:

Everytime i get knock down your video pick me up thank you for doing you best and changing other live as you reach your goal

Sirkillmore2 says:

I'm in my first year of Drill, your videos and Independent Drill have really helped me in my drilling abilities. Thank you.

Impoverished Royalty says:

You are Very Welcome! i mean i just started drilling my freshamn year and in coming to the end of my sophomore year and you really have inspired me to rise past what i thought was amazing and exceed what i thought was perfect so for that i thank YOU!!!!!

Evan Smith says:

alright man. i understand. just a reply from you makes me happy 😀

SamuelGozoDrill says:

Why wouldn't that mean much? I'm extremely appreciative of your support! All I can do is continue to work hard for that prize, and having friends and drillers backing me up is nothing short of invigorating to me. Thank you!

Impoverished Royalty says:

I know this most likely wont mean much But I am behind you 100% you are Doing what im sure you do best and you are amazing at it!!! I support what you are doing and i know you are getting better!!! 2012 you got runner up right? Well there are people (like me) who want you to surpass that, 1st Place Man Im counting on you!!

SamuelGozoDrill says:

Sorry man. Being that I'm in my senior year of college, I can't exactly just do that off the bat. I have to balance Academics and square my finances for Daytona away during that time.

Evan Smith says:

hey sam my birthday is coming up in march… the 27th to be exact. i was wondering if it would be possible for you to come down to my state and teach me some stuff for a day or two. it would make my 15th birthday one to remember for sure. i am mew to exhibition, self taught, and would like a pro's help. please pm me back. thanks!

brosteq says:

how much does your weapon weigh

Chandler Hersom says:

absolutely fantastic

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