Rise And Shine – Welcome To The Grind

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*This video is the perfect alarm clock. I did not create this video, Nike owns this video.


Riley Kulash says:

How can I find this on iTunes ?

Rodney Rakestraw says:

This is me I am the grind I am hardwork I will become GREAT.

Connor Smith says:

Motivational alarm sounds app has this speech on it so you can set it as an alarm on your mobile device

Connor Smith says:

Who is speaking

Hannah Taylor says:

Half marathon training !! Who says you cnt kick ass after cancer …now cancer is a grind !!

Daniel Espinoza says:

I've never took a more motivational poop ever in my life jesus christ my bowls are now empty.

Phil Summer says:

violon music: where it's from?

Lochlann Dunn says:

gets me everytime! hyped as fuck!

Dobri BLAGIEV says:

That's one of the best motivational videos that I have ever watched. Well done, well played ..

Dylan Mohr says:

Ho. Ly. Shit.

Sent chills down my spine

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