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WHAT’S YOUR WHY – Motivational Speeches Compilation
Resiliency , Buster Douglas and Mike Tyson – Motivational Video
WHATEVER IT TAKES – Motivational Speeches for Success

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Eric Thomas –

Les Brown – Motivational Speech

Jim Rohn – Motivational speech

Will Smith


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Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.

I am so glad you liked this compilation i made , thank you ALL !

Golden Opportunities Coaching: says:

Own your WHY My why is doctors told me i'd be dead by 30. I'll be 37 in a few months. I overcame child abuse disability and more. My why is I want to help 1 million people I die as a life coach. My why is i believe in human kind.

Dashay Mitchell says:

My why is I have went from a life plauged with nothing but pain!..due to gang violence,drugs,& incarceration after incarceration. I ran a muck like that for 20+ years over half my life. Not getting a chance while doing those things to see who I was or what potential or gift that I have.respecting nothing other then the streets. Well now, I have a different respect about life,about ppl,about money,etc and has discovered 1 out of the many gifts that I possess along with I haven't been locked up in 7 years something completely different for me,on top of not using or selling any drugs in over 3 years another thing that's new but I love it. I'm not actively involved with the streets or gang either. All accomplishments becuzz according to the picture painted by society Im not supposed to do anything else but those things. So not!!..I have awaken to reality no matter who doesn't like it. And won't stop till I get what I'm striving for hard times don't last but solid ppl do!!.. and I have not changed up and came this far to be denied!..I fear no man as the video said and is in charge of my destiny no matter of the politics or bullshit ppl try and implement to try and throw me off course!!..I'm free..and no one will take that away from again!!….

Real American Muscle says:

My why is i died on the operating table a couple of times i lost my left lung the greater portion of it had 23 surgeries in 7 years 3 in Dec 2017 that is why i get up and grind even though i am handicap i still take life on great video i just dropped one to please go check it out my life has been a journey thru PAIN.

The Outcome says:

"No matter impossible your situation may seem, stay on course." I definitely can relate to this. Love your content!

Eduardo caballero says:


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