QUITTING IS NOT AN OPTION – Motivational Video (Ft. StudyToSuccess, Motivational Movement and Vexx!)

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Quitting Is Not An Option! This is a new Motivational Speech Video on not giving up and staying true to yourself. These speech videos are created to motivate students to study for exams, work hard, and fight feelings of depression and anxiety.

Had a lot of fun making this weeks video! This is one of the first Motivational Videos that is almost entirely community made, featuring Motivational Speaker Brian Fulginiti and some of our favorite YouTube channels!

With that being said, thank you to this weeks incredible speaker and the awesome featured YouTubers! Make sure you check out and follow their channels!

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“You already have what it takes. The greatness is already inside you.” – Brian Fulginiti


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IOS 7gaming says:

Improving is part of my priorities, thank you so much

Gunjan k says:

That sketch was great!

Blue7 says:

Super great video thx :)))

Stuti R. says:

I've been studying really good from past few days but today was a total disaster…I didn't got anything done…
I got so distracted from stuff happening (which I tried not to affect me..but it did) and now I'm feeling awful Because I wasted a full day ..I thought I had started improving:( ….plz help idk what to do
(I have test Tomorrow)

Sk Shams Jilani Kadri says:

Luv ur vids…!!!!!!

J Mack says:

Amazing video. Keep up the great work!

Shan4diff says:

i have this dream and i want to pursive it.i want my mom and dad no more. i will make a change .thank you very much#MOTIVATION2STUDY

Huraira Ali says:

piano music name plz

Ahsanullah Mohammadi says:

The video was amazing thank you so much. does anyone have the photo of lion with toons???

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