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To all dreamchasers and big dreamers not realising their dreams yet, doubting their progress.
may this help you realise you are on the right track. i hope you like it, if you do , please leave a like and comment
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***************************************************************************************************SOME BRIEF SCRIPT********************************
A famous quote by the richest man in the world reads,
” Most people fail because they over estimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten”
Let that sink, will you? Huh!!
This statement’s intentions at first sight may sound quite far from grasp but is definitely worth taking time to understand, since saying that it’s an 82 billion dollar worth statement wouldn’t be much of an overstatement itself.
Now I would reference oxford, Cambridge or even thesaurus just to try and explain what I think it means myself but I believe you’re much better at math,
So let’s take a math check!
If you were told that every day before you sleep, you write the word “ GOODLUCK “ on a piece of paper and hang it on the wall. How many would you have after one week, that’s seven, right? How about after one month? or let’s just say a full year, that’s 365 papers on your wall. What if you do it for two years, or actually!! 10 years? Correct my math if it’s wrong but I believe it would be around 3650 papers. Are you still following?
Now think about this, what if I told you to write 3650 notes of “GOODLUCK “right now? Would you really even try or would you say that’s too many, I cannot write all those, I have no time, I would literally die trying to do it. Or let’s even say you do try, how long would you ask for if given the task to finish them? One day? One week?
Can you imagine the kind of pain and frustration you would feel if you were to try to accomplish such a task at once?
I am sure you can imagine and relate because It’s the same exact thing that happens in our lives, we all wanna do great things, have our businesses thrive, we want our talents to be seen , our voices to be heard, our ideas to be expressed and we want it now. Or as they say “everybody wants to be successful and they want it yesterday”
But we always keep ignoring the number one most important part of it all, which is the power in long term planning and consistency. Reflect on this, Because coming up with a brilliant idea is easy, starting it is easier but sticking to it till you see it thrive is the most difficult part simply because you don’t know when that is ,and the ironic thing is , you don’t even have to, all you have to know is that you are making progress every day,
Think of it as climbing stairs, you can’t make one step and be at the top and you don’t even know how long you’ll take to reach there, but you know that as long as you keep moving one step and adding another again and again and again you will reach the top and there is no other option but that. So turn your goal into the stairs, take small steps towards them because as long as you keep moving, you’ll get there.

Don’t worry about the when you’ll make it, worry about the how.And let it keep pushing you to the next phase because you may have thought one month, one year or whatever your time frame was ,would be enough to reach your career goals, body goals, or business goals or any other personal goals and maybe it wasn’t, but the real truth is, stopping now and declaring failure doesn’t help but make you lose what you had gained, you gotta understand that unlike the door to success whose position is always unknown, that of failure is always nearby and open for the undecided, so think about the door you’re using the next time before you quit. Then choose to keep on and give yourself another chance of opening the door to success.
This is me writing my “GOODLUCK” note and dedicating it’s wishes it to you.


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Very motivation man!!! Smashed the sub button

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This got my attention…love it,MAKE MORE!!!

raymond kazibwe says:

Thanks for this fascinating video.I recommend more elucidation on the sub-topics

Odilon Bertrand Niyomugabo says:

Thanks man for this video. And no comment for now, this looks perfect to me bro. Keep up the good work!

Muhire Roger says:

i didn't get what the saying overestimating what we can accomplish in one year meant until now thnx!!! it helped

Bill Nice says:

That's a nice one bro, keep up the good work!

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