PAIN IS TEMPORARY – Motivational video

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Zack Hemsey – See What I’ve Become

Les Brown
Eric Thomas


Ben Lionel Scott says:

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Abhishek Sengupta says:

plz start adding lyrics plz ,as caption in the videos

broprogames broprogames says:

Wow that was so motivational Im going to watch it ovoer again great video!

Saurabh Ghodke says:

Best ….
Awsomly awsome

Arlen Meg says:

which 4 of the cock suckers disliked this video!!

Ramon Z. says:

This shit is so epic I can't stop listening to it. Thank you!!!

Mevlan Isufi says:

it was a mistake watching this at 3 am

Ang0 - Rainbow Six Siege & More says:

Thanks for posting a video of more than one minute. 😉 great Job bro

dmed says:

I love how this song is perfect for this video, and the title of the song couldn't be more appropriate.

Dominic PrawnStar Bauer says:

This Monday Motivational Videos a (explicit) EPIC!!!!! Thanks so much man!!!!

the motive says:

out of curiosity, the song see what ive become sounds altered a little bit for some reason and was wondering who made the remix if there is one?

Kevin Jezdann says:

Ben this is a nice video

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