Olexandr Ignatov – Inspirational Piano [Beautiful Uplifting Piano]

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Music by Olexandr Ignatov
License this song for personal or commercial use: http://j.mp/inspirationalpiano

SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/olexandrignatov
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/OlexandrIgnatov

Picture by Sanaa

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João Paulo says:

I'm crying

Margeh75 says:

Thanks to Shazam, i found this beautiful music used on a life achievement video of the late Jana Novotna 🙂

Liam Holding says:

Has anyone got the note sheet for this piece? i would really like to learn it on piano. thank you

บูรพา บุญพบ says:

it's so good beautiful! , i love it! 🙂

Ren García. says:

1.25 …I like it

BestGardevoirLAS says:

omfg, I've been searching this song for a llooong time and it was in a channel I was already subscribed to

AzzDrago says:

Merci a Squeezie pour sa dernière vidéo qui m'a redirigé sur cette jolie mélodie. !

Corky Kramer says:

What is the picture??

Fractal says:

Absolutely beautiful! Just wondering; is this copyrighted?

Ysabella Tricia says:

can i use this for a project? proper credits will be given

Corky Kramer says:

Needs lyrics

Sosocutie says:

I was gonna use this song cuz I liked it… but im broke so .. I can't. thanks.

Jason Trang says:

Play this song at 0.75 speed and it sounds even more beautiful…

Steve Graham says:

Music Can change mind i think, this is my personal opinion

Darren Chan says:

1:23 is just 0-0

Sourav Saha says:

I want the music sheet please!

Laura Hancock says:

Absolutely gorgeous

the cthulhu soul says:

someone have got the tutorial of this song? please GIVE ME THE TUTORIAL

Light Blue says:

I love tous music , so beautiful and motivating! I hear it everyday! Tkx!

Jes Boy Nati says:

it makes me feelin happy razzmatazz

GearsOfGlitches611 says:

I love that this was the first thing that popped up on youtube when I typed in simple inspiring music…it did just that.

Darren Chan says:

Maybe the people were crying and their tears accidentally hit th dislike button :/

Laura Ferrari says:

Hi there, can I use this as on hold music? if yes, which tyupe of licence should I buy? thanks

Michael Inserra says:

What is the name of this song so i can find the piano sheet music?

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