Never Give Up – An Inspirational documentary

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Inspirational video that let you fight with your life.
The Audio used in this video is captured from the film Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by,
Nicholas Hooper
Film Score Composer
Nicholas Hooper is a British film and television composer. He has scored the award-winning BBC productions Land of the Tiger and Andes to Amazon, as well as the TV movies The Girl in the Café and My Family and Other Animals among others.

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Nawazish alvi says:

good message

Mike Lorusso says:

I can appreciate the message behind this, however as a filmmaker myself I can honestly say this is far from a documentary. The music choice doesn't fit the theme, the quality is garbage, there is no actual footage or anyone talking about their situation…I cant watch this. I'm sorry if this comes across as being critical or being an asshole in any way, but please take it constructively because it has to be re-made.

Tris10 says:

This is great man. Ever thought of making a higher quality follow up? (: that'd be a cool project and I would like to help on it

Gaurav Kumar says:

high order thinking skills very nice……..

David Blessing says:

excellent documentary

ash roque says:

nice video some people complaining for what they dont have.. instead to be thankful for what they have …even if its big or small….


asdf123jkl1000 says:

thx for the sharing.. :'( :'(  i will.. will never gave up in my life.. I can't keep promise for this.. but I will try my best.. 

btw, hm… for honestly, the audio that used in this video was quite not suitable.. U should try to used more slow sound.. thx

Hussan yun says:

we must b happy what we have…. really inspirable documentary..

uni000ver000sal says:

I promise to never give up.
I will be more selective which videos I watch,
rather than wasting my time with this shit.

Shullamithi Tadi says:

yes its true……

binay paul says:

good documentary but have not seen inspiration

hrde2 says:

this music isn't out of place at all……

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