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Christian Motivation

Jesus is the Lord. Gospel Motivation

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Speaker: John Hagee


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1)This video has no negative impact on the original works (It would actually be positive for them)
2)This video is also for teaching purposes.
3)It is positively transformative in nature.
4)I only used bits and pieces of videos to get the point across where necessary.


TheBjiii says:

The amount of videos deleted by you tube is disturbing. Guess we know where you tube stands.

Wanda Ward says:


John Urey says:

Amen i beileve that all things are possible with christ Jesus and God the father.

Larohns Jolliffi says:

That word is for me

Scott ThatIAm says:

This is prosperity teaching. This is wrong. You need to stop continuing in sin. In all sin. This is what God, The I Am That I Am, the One who sent Jesus His Son only, wants from all of us. You need to sit still and listen for 30 to 40 minutes a day and let God examine your heart. He will physically push your sins in your mind. It will be unbearable, unless, you confess each sin He is pushing. This is how you have a real relationship with the I Am That I Am.

Nexus says:

I do love these videos, thank you. I do think that the Lord also sends us trials. It doesn’t always end up happily ever after in our lives on earth. We don’t always get what we pray for, what we want or need. God’s will. This is Satan’s time on Earth, and our home is with God. We may suffer as did the apostles and many others, our peace will come when we are reunited with God. God bless

Domination Nation says:

I watch many motivational videos and inspirational videos but never had one make me shedd tears like this one has..

Christina Khongwir says:

Amen , He's able because my God is my redeemer

GospelMessage GospelTalk says:

This Video Had Me To Push Myself Up To Spread The Good News 🙂 I Will Love To Spread The Word Of God Too 🙂 I Had Made A First Ever Video On YouTube But Its My Intro 🙂 I Will Be Happy If Y'all Come Support And Subscribe For Me To Spread The Word Of God 🙂 My link to my Intro Video Is Here —–>

Beneetta Kulah says:

The time has come said the Lord, n it's now!!!! Thank you Jesus that it's now help me to walk in the way of it, cuz I can't do it on my own. Never have I n never will I. Lead me Lord all the way throughout these blessings n opportunities you're about to open into my life from this moment now n for evermore… Amen in Jesus name with thanksgiving

Samuel Osaulenko says:

Lol your video title image is from pagan show called Vikings

Sylvia J. Gomez says:

Amen! Amen! Amen!

All Glory in ABBA Father's timing !

Gina B says:

AMEN received

Dove beholden2Christ24/7 says:

When you have eaten and are full, then you shall bless the LORD your God for the good land which he has given you.

Princess Veancey says: i.amazed this preaching

Nico Sanchez says:

God is king of kings lord of lords

Emily Paddock says:

I find it hilarious that once again LDS Christians are being persecuted for trying to worship the same God as modern day Christians. I love these videos but was saddened when scrolling through the comment section and seeing several others saying that works alone will not get you saved, only Grave will. Us LDS understand this. But we also understand that baptism for the dead and saving as many souls as possible for the second coming is a big key that is missing in many churches today and so I welcome the persecution. God bless you all.

Rahul Dhule says:

Mountains in my life alreading moved in Jesus name

Rensay Davis says:

Amen and Amen in Jesus’ name!!!!!!!

Stormy Whalen says:

Powerful compelling in Jesus name

Delia Manlapaz says:

Amen!! in Jesus name Amen!!!

Eddie Mackenzie says:

Can I get the beats to this video

Ben Payne says:

God can help me with my addiction

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