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Prior to my trip on the New River with the River Kings, I struggled with resolving my fears, and being uncomfortable in the outdoors. There is a group of speakers in this video, whom I have listened to for years, and have become my favorite points of wisdom to overcome my fear. This is where it all began…and a large part of why I went on this trip. It took willpower, and motivation, along with an intense desire to grow, that pushed me to make the trip, and to get outside of my comfort zone. I truely hope this video helps someone to make the same push!

Dedicated to “The River Kings” – great group of brothers.
Special Thanks to my wife and kids for helping me make the trip and continuing to push me when I thought of backing out. 🙂



Christopher Cagle says:

hey man great stuff

DAG81Games says:

that's a butt-kicking video get off your butt and do something loved it

River Jumper says:

Wow, I have watched every video you have created and this video is the best one yet. Keep it up man. Loved it. God Bless.

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