Motivational Speech | Lost Your Job?

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Motivational speech | losing your job can be stressful your thoughts will govern the direction you take and the quality of your life..if you are interested in changing your mindset and changing your results! then take a look at my video course below and start making your life more effective

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tyba87 says:

This was very good. I wonder why someone disliked it.

David Llamas says:

The right words at the right time. Thank you from The United States!

Nirmal Samuel says:

My mother name is Veena please pray for to get a new job because lost of her job last year

Sunny Kumar says:

Thank You Sir

Steve Y says:

Just lost my job too, will be looking again soon, thanks for the video

victor g says:

I just lost my job on Friday not even a heads up to look for a new one

VeryCherryBerry says:

Thank you so much. I really appreciate you taking the time to make this video. It's helpful

Shannon Johnson says:

Thank you for this video lost my job last month and now I can't wait to see what God has in store for me next!

Tgbush23 says:

I have just lost my job. Thanks for your video it has inspired me to move on with my life

Brian Thomas says:

I lost my job today. I appreciate you making this video. Your so right about our thoughts. Thanks!

Alesha Williams says:

I love this video x

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