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Just 4 Fun


PATRIK82H says:

music name

alex69 says:

Nearly 500k , Thanks so Much!!

Joseph Bishop says:

No Don king no rats

Joseph Bishop says:

he would ov been better in u f c

PakBaluch says:

Some fantastic clips and great music. Disappointed with the censoring."I want his heart. I want to eat his children. Praise be to Allah." And "I'll fuck you till you love me, faggot." Both those statements were grossly inappropriate but don't censor it out. Either leave both those clips out altogether or don't censor his words. His madness made him the most feared fighter. You do the moment the quotes were said in injustice by censoring it.

Bird Plan (Seahawks fan) says:

Most hoes get fucked mentally before they even get the dick. I knew how to fuck them psychologically. As soon as I get into the bed I'm ready to pound her box… wait, that's not true. While I'm in the bathroom 5 mins before I go out, my jimmy is already strapped. I'm Pulling the magnum back to weaken the latex so I can feel my head piercing through the rubber. I come out, I have supreme confidence but I'm scared to death, totally afraid, I'm afraid of everything. afraid of cumming too fast,afraid of being humiliated but I was totally confident, the closer I get to the bed the more confidence I get, all during our conversation I've been afraid of her, I thought this hoe would be capable of Bodying me, I dreamed of her bodying me, but I always stayed afraid of her. As I get closer to the bed I'm more confident, Once I'm in the bed I'm a god. I'm moving in bed but I never take my eyes off the bitch even if she's ready and pumped and can't wait to get her hands on me. I keep my eyes on her, I keep my eyes on her, I keep my eyes on her, and once I see a twitch in the vulva,BOOM, her lips made a move, now I know I got her. As I targeted the center of her pussy, she stares at me with her piercing look as if she's not afraid but she already made that mistake when her pussy twitched for that 1/10th of a second, I knew I had her. She'll go hard for the first 2 or 3 rounds but I know I already fucked her spirit. During the sex I'm supremely confident. I'm moving my head she's throwing her ass, I'm making her moan I'm pounding, I'm pumping, I'm hitting her guts real hard, And I'm pumping and pumping, I know she can't take the pumping. 1, 2 ,3 Pumps, I'm pumping in bunches. She falls down, She's out. I'm victorious. Birdplan, Greatest Commenter Who Ever Lived..

andcalber says:

can you write the music please ?

Antonio Laudicina says:

grande tyson sei unico

Darkaveli says:


hey 0///0 o\o hi says:

i know ill be good in boxing once i train for it again and ill be good in competition but my parents wont allow me to compete no matter how good i am lmao ill probably compete anyways eventually

Matt Wolf says:

Sooooong???? That's awesome!!

Alberto Morini says:

Mike "Iron Steel Titanium" Tyson! Thank you!

Fa says:

before jail nobody can beat him nobody

Fa says:

mike tyson the best ever

Joe Faith says:

Love Tyson! Something about him

Yo Vortekz says:

Opening song? Shazam can't identify.

jnk316 says:

Muhammad Ali supported Tyson, he beat everyone put in front of him including, Sugar Ray Leonard, George Foreman all turned up to watch him fight. He was the youngest heavyweight champ in history. No fighter could beat Tyson period!!…. Ask your trainers that they should have got into the ring with him for a spar at least or if you regard, Lennox Lewis, Buster Douglas, Danny Williams as great fighter then your as stupid as you sound!!!

Davi Santos says:

Vai Tomar no cu 6mim d video pra no final ser nocauteado

Gustavo Appelman says:

song from 0:39 till 0:44?

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