Mad Lib Theater with Chris Pratt

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Jimmy and Chris Pratt perform an intense scene they’ve written together using Mad Libs.

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Mad Lib Theater with Chris Pratt
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Random crappy edits and uploads says:

I’d be fucked if I ever went on this show

Dylan Anderson says:

Yeah, shake that nad

James Anthony says:

Chris’ suit looks like he been building and the suit store didn’t have anything bigger

ExplosiveWaffulz says:


idk says:

please add close captioning on these videos

MCU HQ says:

2:14 The way Jimmy looks up

Diego Guerrero says:

Was I the only one expecting that in type of plant he answered Groot?

Rituraj Singh says:

Father – Papa (hindi word )

Dominika Krizova says:

I LOVE this game!

Rusty Shackleford says:

The Jimmy Fallon show would be so much better without Jimmy Fallon.

ethxreal.x says:

Snow Gerbils

Caroline Norton says:


Crazed 43 says:

John's was better

Lisa Kuehl says:

Lost it at jingle forks. Can't. Breathe.

Natali Doleželová says:

Gosh he is so adorable he looks like a puppy

Kenny says:

Snow gerbils… So Richard Greer was there…

Bruce Dillon says:

its the crisp ratt

Jim Halpert says:

Awww man I thought for sure he would say mouse rat for the band

Kenyon Curtis says:

Jimmy looks a little like Tim Curry in this scene.

Ava Gundrum says:

Who else thought he’d say ‘Mouse Rat’ when jimmy asked for a band

Lost PilØt says:

When i clicked this video I couldn’t see the title, when it loaded, and I saw Chris Pratt, I just sighed, and went,
“I need some painkillers, this is going to hurt.”

Agent Courageous Raven says:

He should've said MouseRat as a name of a band!! That would've been awesome

zareh1234 studios says:

is anyone gonna ignore the trolly from mr rogers neiberhood

team scptech says:

poor chris XD

Takoshi Hitsamaru says:

That was….Not as good as Cumberbatch.

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