Life Of An Entrepreneur – Motivational Video

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You can live the way you want or you can live in the system. It’s your choice.

Song ► 300 Violin Orchestra – Jorge Quintero
Movies ► Focus, Limitless, The Wolf of Wall Street, Furious 7, Jobs, The Pursuit of Happyness, Pain & Gain.

Also big thanks to Marchettino for some of the videos used in the video.


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NomanAbidVlogs says:

2:53 amazing shot

NewAge Visuals says:

Who wants a more EPIC remake of this?

Rutuja Shinde says:

do they get to spend enough time with their family members

Pedram Babaei says:

Soooo fucking nice. LOVE IT

knudgges says:

0:54 which movie is that?

lucy f says:

I'm an entrepreneur and the part that's missing in this video is the first five years spent not sleeping much, falling behind and losing money, trying not to cry, telling everyone you're going to be somebody and them not believing you. Luckily, if you stick it out, it's worth so much more than what this video shows

Startup Ideas says:

Now get the fuck up and do some epic shit!

krishna sharma says:

Don't waste time about thinking of other people,
or soch k bhi kyaa kr loge ghanta

krishna sharma says:

No need to think about what is good or bad, just do

krishna sharma says:

Follow success, peoples follow you

Spongebob CringePants says:

They say we got lucky. They don't see what we go through everyday. They don't know how hard we hustle in silence. When you tell them your goals, they'll make fun of you. When you achieve it, they'll hate you. People don't succeed just because they want to succeed. You get what you work for, not what you want. So get up right now, and get to work. Forget family, forget friends. Work. Because entrepreneurship is all about "living a few years of life like most people won't, so you can live the rest of your life like most people can't.

rutwik hegde says:

nice motivational video but I usually motivate myself n this video which I call external motivation was nice gave me a drug to achieve my goal.i also want to become a ceo of my own company n it should be at the best.thank u fer uploading such a nice video as I am also a big dreamer…

Conscious Christian says:

Do a FEMALE CEO version. Thank you.

ghita Katti kidrauhl says:

1:31 the movie name

Saqib Jamal says:

Half of the views are mine.

Addy Timothy says:

all movie titles please

Salman Khan says:

Behind this paradise, there were so many failure, struggle, difficulties and tears.

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