Les Brown: HARD WORK BEATS TALENT – Motivational Speech for Success & Study

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Knight Of Hope says:

Here's what I learned the more you work the better!

Wendy Smith says:

Les Brown is one Awesome speaker, teacher and leader. He affects my life daily through my thoughts and actions. He is lifechanging and my life is changing for the better. Thank you Les Brown you are something else.

wachalookingfour says:

Thank you les brown. I've been going through some tough time. Your words are what keeping me up and going.

Red Buddy says:


K D says:

This was the best 46:14 that I've spent in a long time!! Thanks for the upload. New subscriber here.

mwasapi23 says:

no one will get out of life alive! 14:44

Life is too short to play it safe. Its too short and unpredictable. There is no safe position in life. No one will get out of life alive. Be bold.

Judodarkfist says:

Legendary talk by Les Brown. Thank you for uploading this video motivation madness.

Harrison Lutaaya says:

Thank u so much.

Gabe Rushinga says:

How to find who you are …??

Morris Kellybrew says:

No matter what adversities that you have faced you have to learn how to let them GO in order to move forward. I love this guy !!!! he is speaking good words I use his words in my groups CADC,

jose clemente says:

thank you les brown

abdul rehman says:

this really motivates me to do more work until i die……..

Sofia Piere says:

How do someone find their purpose in life Where would that people need to start

Monika Singh says:

inner world are amazing and very pure. Thanks Las Brown

Jess G. says:

I believe in Conor mcgregor

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