Kelly Clarkson – I Don’t Think About You [Official Video]

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Cheeky Unicorn Trends says:

She is killing itt all the way

Agnes Galvan says:

So wonderful.. cried tons.. thanks for the music Ms.kelly ❤

Grace Magombo says:

Kelly is my favorite%

John Foster says:

If anyone wants to help me expose the use of holding therapy and it's cover up of the #childabuse that is #holdingthearpy in residential care homes

Jonalyn D'Amico says:

This is one of those songs that you hear not only with your ears but your heart ♡
Kelly is amazing

Jayme Lawrence says:

After being snatched bald, I heard an update that my wig has flown halfway to China.

Adrain xox says:

I’m sorry but this need more recognition cause this had me in tears a minute in!

Crystal Vazquez says:

Hi you have a pretty voice

Lilli Nethercutt says:

Love !!!!!!

Elyse Jones says:

I love this song
I heard it once now I love it

Elyse Jones says:

you killed it

Latonya Mcelhaney says:

I freaking love this song

Jack Wilson says:

Although you become fat, I still love you!

Racerzz Channel says:

Who thought it was Demi Lovato like!
and who followed this song by radio subscribe me!

irena gjorgjievska says:

Hey,mean people,stop it ! She is losing her weight !
But,a person's weight doesn't matter ! What matters is the inner beauty of the soul ! 🙂

Buttercup Estes says:

Such touching song.

Anthony LHT says:

My favourite song from her Meaning of Life album. Love it!

The 4 sisters From another mother says:

My mother loves Kelly and she always plays her songs for me. Kelly come to Chattanooga, TN, we need to see you live.

SelphieTheNutter says:

Wow, just amazing, it’s wonderful to see Kelly be herself again

Cari Kent says:

I feel every word in this song. Love her!

Brianna Dubeck says:

Those high notes are beautiful!!!

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