JUST START – Best Motivational Video 2016

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Check out Julien’s channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaN4Pe5JEsWzAByY2WfxxjQ?sub_confirmation=1

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In this video Julien Blanc reveals the importance of taking massive action.

Learn how to escape the mainstream narrative in order to have the amazing life that you always wanted:


This motivational video was inspired by:
Tony Robbins
Mateusz M videos
Eric Thomas
Les Brown
Elliott Hulse
Jim Rohn
Brian Tracy
The Truth About Success – Why You Should Rather Die Than Miss A Day In The Gym

and many other motivational videos.


running 4life says:

Advice to all you video makers! THE MUSIC SOMETIMES IS TOO DAMN LOUD! Makes great videos suck!

zuesworld says:

lol 223223 views

Handyman Advisor says:

Baby steps build momentum… Well done. Kudos.


can you put this stuff on soundcloud please

Nikolaj Jantinski says:

im going to listen this video every mornning starting from today !

Chip Curcan says:

man, great words but the music is too fckn loud

max babilo says:

where are all the new vids dude??

taintedseal says:

This video inspired me when I needed it the most, I took a loan to fly across the country to attend a job interview against 100 other applicants, while in the middle of exam week, moving house and ending a relationship. I got the call a few days ago, I got the job with a contract that offered a lot more than I was expecting. So thank you for making me realize there is never a perfect time or situation, when opportunity comes you have to take it. A few words at the right time can make a world of difference.

AdaMs910 says:

I indeed paused the video and started reading a book that I was waiting to begin since several days. Thanks Julien!

kaloian grigorov says:

If you look closely at 0:00 u can see that the video starts !

Jaden yoo says:

good video and i need a korean sup if u make it i would appreciate~

Rafael Eliassen says:

What I learnt from this video
1) Stop waiting for something to turn up, you just got to go for it.- jumping into uncertainty is scary, but it is worth it!
2) Express and expand, don't doubt yourself let your voice be heard.
3) Long term vision, doen't exist.- you can have a general vision of what you can have. Just take the first step 🙂
4) Start baby stepping yourself there, put in the effort take action.- You are missing out on so much but not doing anything.

Emerson's Coffee Bike and Rum Shop says:

I'm convinced Tai Lopez is an agent of YouTube to get us to buy the red service.

René Henriksen says:

Why not program people´s brainwaves the right way?

Farouk says:

just start mtfkr !!!!!

ace jasareno says:

Fuck!!! Enough Pick up theory shit! I think im gonna go insane if i watch another rsd video!

June ribaldi says:

Happy Magical Motivational Monday~~~~ June 27th 2016  If you don't know what you want MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU(((( DONT WANT ))))) IVERY Important

a2ndood says:

Why do these videos always depict office workers as depressed zombies? I like my desk job thank you very much lol

Arno Cuevas says:


Nova D. Ryuu 77 says:

i want to become a real good soccer player but i have this breathing promble. i still dont know what it is but im scared that it will harm me later on…

Santa Claus says:


myvidspwn says:

This is the PERFECT video i needed right now.

NoodleCake says:

what is the soundtrack called at 1:20

Frank Martinez says:

These videos are chilling. Speaks volume into my life. Tired of settling for average and just coping with my life. Life is filled with purpose. It's your responsibility to find it out

Benjamin Pašalić says:

This is the biggest one for me in my life right now. I was always waiting for something to happen. This shit is gonna waste your life. When you realize that right now is all there is and that "no one is coming to save you" in the future, it puts all this anxiety away and in the end this mindset is not even that bad. It liberates you and makes you realize that you can do whatever you really desire to do right now and you stop indulging in useless activities that don't mean anything to you and are mostly just wasting your time – serve as distractions. It's like you actually start living at the moment you come to that realization =)

Pranav Sharma says:

Excellent message

Glenn Zarmanov says:

push to start

New Future Builder says:

Just posted a motivational video today with some new software and then I hop over here and see how much I still have to grow with it. Keeps me inspired! I'm no perfect editor…I decided to #JustStart

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