Joe Rogan – Seek to improve yourself

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Close Joe and Greg Fitzsimmons talking about how you should be trying to become the best you that you can be. The video clip was made by a user


S P says:


Jeff Tampourlos says:

I love this video


Imagine a world full of kindness

Unstoppable Morgan says:

All of Joe Rogans speeches are great! I cringe every time the dumb host tries to chime in with some nonsense bs. Stop ruining the greatness! You keep cutting him off and he has better things to say than you! Thanks for depriving us.

Ben Blanco says:

Joe, I never met you, but man, you seem to be one of the most intelligent and most rational and decent dude. Lots of love from Chicago brother. Be well.

Enlightened Grasshopper says:

so may people just want to take take take and not give a shit about others, so you just get tired of being disappointed and become them after a while. how do you prevent this?

tyler rogers says:

The last part he said about he anger was literally word for word what my experience is, and it literally clicked when he said that

Leo Dreis says:

turn off this distracting fucking awful music

Kathleen Van Pelt says:

He is kind and smart!I love his positive affirmations. I'm going through ill health and this helps a lot.

TheNutSlapper69 says:

fuck this stupid ass music. I came for Rogan, not shitty electronic music.

Ancient IRoN WoLFF says:

I can do with out the back ground "music"

Amit J says:

Intuition tells you the truth about anybody

Miki Milev says:

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Charbroiled Charlos says:

Fitzsimmon's closet joke fuckin killed me

deano dog says:

we are apes , we are not all contemplative creatures and philosophers , some people just enjoy porn and watching execution videos !

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