Joe Rogan Experience #1166 – Diamond Dallas Page

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Diamond Dallas Page is a semi-retired professional wrestler, fitness instructor, motivational speaker and actor. Check out for link to his app DDPYoga.


eelzap says:

Nice, 2 hours of Joe getting worked.

Johnji Quin says:

excellent episode

TomForNow says:

When's the DDP Deprivation Tank video coming out?

grassy climer says:

when DDP was 45 he looked like a kid. A total legend.

Andrew Toledo says:

Really worst podcast so far!!!

cbrtwonifty honda says:

Worlds most demanding sport=motocross

Dylan Enos says:

The Joe Rogan experience is easily the best show ever, it is very important to me but c'mon guys, you're beyond doing infomercials, far beyond. Please don't change yet. Love you.

Mathieu Beaulieu says:

Joe you get earnings from infomercial in your podcast now?

Rakan Abdallah says:

Jericho would be great on here.

Varmando Varuso says:

Kenny Omega mentioned on JRE. That was awesome!!!

Domzdream says:

Bookmark: 30:00

MrRodzilla says:

i want ddp to have his own podcast so that we can find out what each of his guests think about ddp yoga

CadillacJak says:

Ric Flair would be a legendary guest

CadillacJak says:

This was great

Jay MC says:

I love Dallas. He's such a positive and motivational dude.

killianz26 says:

Joe, "does it work on Windows Phone"? That was great

Vladpryde says:

I love DDP, but I'm sorry…..I ain't paying no $40 for his autograph. I got Mick Foley's autograph and Roddy Piper's autograph for free, God rest his soul.

Frank Bravo says:

Blockers was not as funny as dallas made it out to be. It was ok at best.

Brian Mac says:

Carnies are bad enough, Jewish carnies are something else

Src Computers says:

While I agree with some of the comments about sounding like an infomercial, DDP and his yoga program are the real deal. Really dig dude's energy and perspective. I think the infomercial-ness gets confused with dude really wanting people to nut up and get their shit on track. One of the best guests on JRE yet.

Musawenkosi Tshoaele says:

One of the things I love about Joe is that he talks a whole lot of shit. But he gets quoted all around web like what he says is vital. I love his outlook and laid back kinda vibe. So relatable…shit I forgot my point. Joe rocks. I think that's what I wanted to say

elmer boinkins says:

DDP YOU SAVED that man. THAT is admirable

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