Jim Rohn: The One Thing Only 1% of People Do (very motivational)

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Jim Rohn: The One Thing Only 1% of People Do (very motivational)

Jim Rohn
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Martoh prince says:

plan like an adult but believe like a child haha i like it

Valery Hyde says:

Keep going UNTIL you make it happen and grow…….

yshk viswanatham says:

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M. M. says:

I need to pay my rent. Can anyone support me?

The Magic Taco says:


lovingmariah Gordon says:

Thanks very much

Paul Faulkner says:

There is no sound with this video

Charro says:

Try explaining this to liberals

BENKRAOUCHE Chafik says:

Blessings Jim.

ferenc nemeth says:

Trying to make my kids understand for there future follow the plan!!

Shawn Moses says:

Great video but that singing when speaking is weird to me

Koronswagg 17 says:

Asking is speaking it to it existence

Your Entrepreneur Club says:

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iamlux says:

Oddly enough the people with all the money (hoarding it) aren't worth anything to the market. They are the ones deciding who is valuable "to the market" but they don't mean the market everybody else knows, they mean THEMSELVES. Slaves are incredibly valuable, but they aren't going to just let their slaves go free or get rich, or take control. This guy doesn't want you to, either. Affirmations don't make you free.

Bob B says:

Jim call me bro ! Jeez

Andrea Diotallevi says:

Result is promising yourself you will never give up.

mery queen mandate says:

Because of fear and luck of courages that's why some people are broke and can't success. ..

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