JAY-Z – Roc Boys (And The Winner Is)…

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Music video by Jay-Z performing Roc Boys (And The Winner Is)…. (C) 2007 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC


I S says:

OMG what a song!

Tumisang Habedi says:

Where Yeezus at though here

Dantae May says:

Who is still waiting for Pt. 2??

Nkengafac Brenda Alemnkia says:

Corbin Treadwell says:

This song celebrates success, and I am pretty sure we know why Jay Z included Mariah. Mariah is the one that got Jay the position as president! She also got him his first #1 hit. They have made quite a lot of music together. LOVE THIS SONG. MUSIC MOGALS

Zayan Afzal says:

Reminds me of frank lucas

Caroline Munai says:

2018..and still my fav song from Jay Z

Daniel Charana says:

2018 and ROC-IN!!

Wilson Vincente says:

where did Jigga get this kid that looks like him ? lol big rock boys lips lol

Gin Li says:

Heroin got less steps then Brittany, that means it ain't stepped on dig me!! HARD!!!

James Pharris says:

It was Avondale, 2018, a great year for hip hop, but a even better year for the neighborhood hustler. And he wanted in.

Renato Galvão says:

2018 and I'm still waiting for the continuation…

24K Info says:

The beginning of this song, they should still do. C'mon Jay! I just came up with a way…pay me something for this idea "seriously", but you can have a summer tour. You can do the swagger song, that will get you and Kanye back together "for work", there's Wayne and T.i. Each do like 3 fav songs. Then bring out 2 chains, future, or any other few rappers you like, under tidal. That way you can get your 444 tour money back, or whatever happened with that. That be something to do. Bring Eminem out, and what you got Jim doing? Nothing. So he can do balling as the opening act…throw in Cardi. Man. I want to go now!

Mohau Letsoalo says:

I still don't like they over shadowing NAS in this video.

Kedrick Fletcher says:

Still on this in 2018 hear me! Rich Folk $$$gang in the building tonight!!!

Kwitonda fabrice says:

who is here in 2018??

Steven Strong says:

Jay killing Nas..sorry not sorry

JBriskoTv says:

Inspiration music right here.

Della links says:

Who's listening to this in 2018 timeless music

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