Invincible [2006movie] – Vince Papale Sprint [open tryout scene] HQ

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Audiovisual content Administered by Disney Enterprises. Here’s one of my favorite American Football movies.Inspiring movie with a great Soundtrack! Featuring:Grand Funk Railroad “Feelin’ Alright” Musical Score by Mark Isham Playlist:
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The Fattest Shrimp -Overwatch says:

Just because he has glorious hair doesn't mean you can put him in slo mo

sheflashedus says:

there's something fuckery about this scene. for example that white boy outrunning black people… lol

Teddy KGB says:

If he had the talent to make the Eagles roster, he should've walked on at a Big10 school. He'd have had more success against college talent and spent four years smashing hot grad student ass.

swanny boy says:

I'm 15 and my 40 is 4.9… probably 4.8 now

Humzah Hassan says:

For everyone a 4.5 back then is a 4.3 today



Joseph Oblick says:

Gotta love seeing Tony Luke in the movie

Jamel Ling says:

Great movie.

eagles5196 says:

wahlberg had the flow with the hair man

Will Hung says:

hit like if this gave you a semi

sarthaka Pradhan says:

when he runs he turns into Matt Damon and when he slows down he turns into Mark walhberg .Is this magic ???

Rajendra Nadarajan says:

Marky Mark is too small to play an NFL player..

multiyapples says:

great movie

Bill Misiura says:

I love that line.
"How long you been having trouble with this?"
"Since i bought it"

Jeremiah Flores says:

Jesus Christ it's Jason Bourne!

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