Inspirational Speech by a Marine Corps Drill Instructor at Parris Island.

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Inspirational Speech given to Bellbrook High School JROTC by a Parris Island Drill Instructor February 2013.


Future Soldier says:

Now the part they didnt show: He puts on the hat, turns around…… GET THE FUCK OFF MY BUS YOU SHITHEADS! I GOT ALL YOUR ASSES NOW NOW HURRY THE FUCK UP!

Joie Amper says:

im 20 years old i been strugling 2 years trying to pass the asvab i wanted to join the marines so bad but it seem i cant pass the test now im just with my mom doing full time security guard i just lost hope of my dreams just to let you know dont give up on your dreams cause i did goodluck to others out thier who pass the asvab

James Arthur says:

If you had the privilege of serving your country uhrah i did 76 platoon. 1003

moritz grunwoldt says:

Ayy thats my company gunny

Stephen Smith says:

He's a true American! Sounds and feels like a leader of men, or President!

GuildBankLooter says:

So you're saying any illiterate kid from any poor villiage can accomplish their dream? Even without being adopted by someone that can bring them to the states and get them an education? You'd have to be very lucky. I mean shit, you said it yourself how lucky you were. So don't act like ambition and goals alone are enough to succeed. It's not what you know, it's WHO you know.

ffilc nikrud says:

A real quality NCO. I have only met a handful between the Army and Marines. These pvts are in good hands.

GarageDoorRapists says:

I would love to be able to just sit down and talk to this guy he seems like and incredible person

North Korea South Korea says:

This drill instructor made gymnastic look like a manly sport.

john smith says:

He isn't kidding. My time in the Marine Corps made me appreciate the small things in life when I got back into the civilian world. Think of the Marine Corps as prison with a paycheck.

Sarah Zuniga says:

Powerful speech, my son is in marine. Boot camp right now I am from Guatemala my husband from El Salvador. God Bless our troops, and God Bless America

Marine Grunt 03 says:

I was station with him, great guy! Everything he says is true. Guns Up ! See you later in life brother! Semper Fi! Pvt. Smith 2nd Award 0351 " RED DEATH"

MondoBeno says:

You can fuck up in high school and do well in the military. I know a whole lot of kids who are desperate to get out of school. They're fed up with the silly rules, dress codes, cliques, and deans of students breathing down your neck. You get that in the service but at least there you get paid for it.

Fernando Pondelick says:

what an amazing man

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