How To Write A Book In Less Than 24 Hours

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How To Write A Book In Less Than 24 Hours:

Want to write your own book? In this video blog, I reveal some of my very best tips and strategies that have allowed me to write my very own Kindle books in less than 24 hours. These books are all books that I have my own name behind that I’m proud of and add value. Each book makes me a nice passive income every month too!

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This is awesome info

Dunning Kruger says:

Watched another of your vids. You've great advice. Glad I subbed.

Matt May says:

great video, i will try my hand at kindle publishing in the next few months.

Maj Aquaspace says:

Stefan , you are a life saver , Thank you so much for taking time out of your life to help us . you have wonderful tips and I love how you explain what you mean . I am taking down notes as I am watching this video and this is very helpful . I really appreciate you 🙂

Nadiya Karalash says:

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Om King says:

sounds great

mannie's Art And Fitness Channel says:

I am writing 10 books!

jilariya kishan says:

Nice video. ……….and thanks for making this video

mr. Pam Gaypornmama says:

best advice ever! thank you!!

Irene Vincent says:

Thanks for the inspiration.

Jill LaSala says:

Just breezed through the 24 Hour Book program as a quick scan (I know, I know, you told us not to). I must say it added so much value for me! Anyone thinking of purchasing needs to do it, less than $30 that I'm sure I'll make back (and obviously then some). I'm looking to write a book that I can use to create content for the blog I'm looking to launch in the near future. Thanks Stefan!

Lisa Edwards says:

Best tips ever! I'm really read now to write my first book – my target audience is parents – why would I think parents have a lot of time to read my book??? You're so smart! Lessen the pages – and the price – and finish a book sooner! Thank you so much! When I make my first 200K, I will donate to your organization.

Patryna's Writings says:

This Video helped me so much a couple years ago when I wrote 2nd book in pen names for kids. thanks so much. I really appreciate you. Proud of you as I watch you grow

Rodia Shema says:

Makes a lot of sense

Bendik Hjaltason says:

Thanks a lot for this video. I really like the concept of shorter books. I have read long, non-fiction books and when I'm done, I can't really put my finger on what the hell I've learned. I think shorter books is actually closer to how people process information.

Anyways. I have actually gotten pretty far in creating my own book which I will publish on Amazon when the time is right. Thank you for the inspiration!

GC Health Forever says:

I was planning to write a book on Health, though I have made videos on them on my channel. Writing a book was something I always put off. The things which stopped me like you pointed out in this video were Perfectionism, Procrastinate, 'Not to worry about spelling or grammar mistakes', that's what caught my attention!
Very well explained sir. I got lot of value and encouragement from your video. Other thing I liked was the 10 page or 30 page book. I never thought that we could do that! That made me feel really great! I have written many short fictional stories (drafts, as I don't have any experience in writing or taken up any creative writing course) and they are happily lying in my laptop! So shorter page book, that's a great news for me.
Thank you!

Tessa Gurley says:

Brilliant….. thank you!!!!!!!! You rock!!!

Penny C says:

Thanks Stefan, Lots of pertinent information.

Rising Indigo says:

Really appreciating the info you share for building an online business. Thanks! Following:)

Katie Jo says:

Thank you so much. Wonderful advice and tips. :)))

james maselli says:

Amazing!! Thank you!

Peter Dalley says:

A very honest insight into the human psychology of reading a longer book and the psychology that deters people from attempting to write books and the issues that top them. Stefan, cuts through all of this and gives you fantastic ideas and tips to breakdown and simplify the process especially if you don't have much time. A great value video.

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