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Dan Rodriguez says:

very clear sir, thanks a lot!

Mullato King says:

You did say that you have to say the idea 1000 times a day.. can you say use audio recording and listen to it? Will that help?

namie schowgurow says:

I shared and thank you for the information and its so good to learn about myself and body I have a need to know and why.

Kei-Kei Jay says:

Thanks for the enlightenment :D

geeta nair says:

Hi, Bob..if i want to do a course under you,how to go about it? please mail me…thanx


Excellent presentation!

Niliansh Sinha says:

a deep relaxation and just think what we want to be………….works provides us road maps to reach to it

Ryan Howard says:

Bob, you sir are amazing. Thank you!

Cjay bogle says:

Thank You!

ChiChi Aing says:

I'm so happy & grateful now that money comes to me in increasing qualities through multiple sources on a continuance bases. 

Mani Thevar says:

thank you sir……

Jeriah Keith says:

This will make me think different and more powerful to destroy my enemies. 

Roger Duhon says:

i am now so happy and grateful that money comes to me in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a  continuous bases

therasheck says:

This is an awesome addition to my growing knowledge that I will use and share with others! Thank you!

fat cat says:

0:49 hahahahahahaha

santhosh kumar says:

Great  speech

Jean Casola says:

The best thing to do to change your life is study the " Think and grow rich " book or video's by bob proctor everyday and realy try to think and understand the materal you hear or read and all the doors will open.

Leann Davis says:

This is so right great teaching  I love this video and  I will Subscribe

Nargis belyalova says:

it's true what u saying and I have very difficult situation and I try many ways to found way out of it and believing in magic can happen already one year evry day of suffer and still nothing happen I don't know what to do some times I feel I don't wont to live any more I just can't take problems and suffer any more 

V-Way says:

Great upload. 

bear831tiger says:

makes sense to my conscious inner heart witth in my self  lol.

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