How Badly Do You Want To Be A Footballer

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Inspiring Soccer (Football) Video.

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scitzov2 says:

I know how u feel

buddylion11 says:

football is my life… and i cant see it any other way… this video just
inspires me to work even harder… i love it…

paulius baran says:

i want to be a footballer realy realy much nd i beilieve i can make it just
listen to ur heart and bielieve in ur self and dont mind any1 getting in ur
way and work hard vevryday .. <3

focusup47 says:

@prasanthcr7 fuck man….no one really gives a shit about footbal in
india…..i dont know how its gonna work for me…

Benny Masondo says:

2 thumb’s up.


i practice 4 hours a day… i really think i can make it… just can’t quit

EightMiIeRoad says:

LOL its soccer. If anything this shit de-motivates me

The1stPoster says:

what a bunch of gay lords pretending to be soldiers Rofl

willy thegentleman says:

schools can help

Galen2424 says:


Ryan Bonett says:

I will make my dream of being a professional footballer come true and I
know I will do anything I can to make them come true but until then I will
practice til I cant any more

SupG2011 says:

good video.. but where the fuck was messi ? lol

Mr.pleasantassailant says:

would do anything

Mrevans521 says:

Eh not very badly, I would rather not be a pussy

Aiden Thomas says:

So much!!!

MrDionisferizi says:

who’s the guy that speaks french i saw him in the movie jamakasi

MegaBlaze007 says:

How the heck am I supposed to go on the pitch if they want me to pay
first?? Wherever you go they want signing fee…monthly fee or some shit

AlexAFC says:

Don’t you mean the Milky Way Galaxy without the Sun?

JokeForToday says:

I would cut a fat dude’s face into the middle of the video who asked: “Why
am i here” with a stupid head (do you asked im crazy the answer is easy:

Patrick7Star says:

0:48 looks like an animation from FIFA.

Guazy Sin says:

Work on your weakness until they become strengths.Work on your strengths
until they become second nature!

Francisco Sanchez says:

Join a club or ally for colleges that have soccer programs

catman1cheese says:


Jack Thayson says:

My life without football would be like earth without the sun, yep, just

djfreestyle7 says:

its a tough road but i will sweat my shirt to death thats my bright idea…

koolkatfelix says:

@ZacKaryScOreS well just keep going..i live in msia so i know how you
feel…but im going to canada next year and hopefully will get to play in
the MLS and then from there,God willing i’ll get to go to the
Bundesliga..then remember this quote by Frank Sinatra: what’s the point of
being given the opportunity,if you have nothing to show for? so don’t think
so much about opportunities but rather what’s gonna happen when they do
show up…

Jakob Jonsson says:

No Pain No Gain

XDSoccer says:

I’m with buddylion11, soccer, (or football :D) is something I absolutely
love, this is now on favorites : )

Scottish James says:

I like how ibra, Rudd. Lehman and stankovic are confident. I don’t pay
attention to the others cos they look nervous as fuck

javadinia says:

dont matter what country you in bro!!… people well find you if u good
enough, dont lose your hope. good luck!!!

mbarraza12 says:

Its so hard to make it pro without connections

s0ccer96 says:

@PedroBarcelonaa just remember, its not just only about making the big teams

henrymma says:

@asdfkhan Dude, try to get out of there, go to any other country and try to
earn a scholarship, I know you can make it, but it’s not only training, you
have to play your card in a very smart way.

echoCharlie says:

@SupG2011 too short to appear on the camera haha Just kidding

veskokanchev says:

@Salvitrojan7 William Gallas, then Carlos Tevez.

Marvin Lau says:

i use this advice for anything i dont even play soccer

Omar Ali Osman says:

@mbarraza12 not all footballers became stars with connections it’s how
badly you want it go on the internet look for academies make youtube videos
call football clubs it’s never late untill your weak and when you have no

superbuds0714 says:

That shit is EPIC, when the whole penalty questions roll in… and it leads
to Lehmann. ” Would you score?” NICE!

s0ccer96 says:

I love football. But honestly, for some people, even if it is their dream,
it may not happen and that is how life is.

Thomas White says:

Money is not the reason to become a footballer. Passion. Determination.
Motivation, just remember when you are on that pitch, warming up, on the
turf with mates, or even in the gym, you dont do it for money, you do it
for the love of the game, the hunger in your heart, not the greed of money,
but to write YOUR name into history books, to build a legacy. Legends are
born…Legacies are made “Ladiniho”

Scottish James says:

not really. if your good enough you don’t need connections. its the
coaching side is where you need connections

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