have the courage to follow your dreams

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WARNING: This Video may make you quit your job tomorrow.


Supermariomybro Revelations says:

I want to become a gamer and live stream and be a graphic designer and be a true gamer and designer i want to live my dreams !!

Mito ali says:

Do i need to quit basketball because i have a acl injury and im 19 i could miss try out in basketball college and i feel old. Should i quit?

drimk bleach and die says:

i wanne quit everything now and just do it go uot in nature and folow my damn dreams i dont wanne die with dreams i didnt ecomplesh i want every dreame to come treu but there is a border its caled "money" cuz if u cant pay for your dreams they wil be dreams so just say f*ck it and just do it

Imran Khan says:

but what happened after quitting your job..???

Y. Figueroa says:

I wanna be a pro-soccer player that is my dream. If that’s not able to happen I just wanna play video games and make a living off of it

Ravi Shah says:

Who buy your tickets??

Nathaly says:

thank you so much!

Max Romain says:

This is the most amazing speech ive heard. Thank you. My dream is to be a filmmaker. And i plan on never ever quiting.

Eng. Magesa Khamis says:

thank you this means a lot to me

LC beautydiy says:

I hate my life …!!!

Don’t click on the flag says:

Honestly I have too many dreams to just follow one. All I know is that one day I can only hope to leave a mark on the world, i want to bring joy to others for generations, like Jim Henson or Walt Disney.

ABOR_BD says:

im studying Japanese for at least 3 hours a day, I want to become an English teacher in Japan one day

Lemon Fresh says:

Putting in my two week notice today

Randomgirl says:

I want to become a musician and write my own songs

-Eli says:

I wish i could follow my dream to become a dancer and actress,I would give my life for it but apparently "I'm too young",and people bring me down every step of my way.I hope that even tho is hard I will fulfill my dream one day..

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