Have courage to follow your dream

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WARNING: This Video may make you quit your job tomorrow.


Blake Henry says:

So inspirational I’ve watched it 10 times it makes me feel strong

Nafissa Shireen - Living Forward TV says:

Beautiful video. The courage to follow our dreams is essential. Thanks for this message, so many need to hear it!

Rayd Alsaidi says:

If u continue my dreams I won't have enough time to do my other work to get to my dreams I want to be the next nba star but people laugh at me when I run and I start doubting myself

Eddie Q says:

I quit yesterday

tyler gnosis says:

who is this guy, ?I love him

Caleb Schumacher says:

so… you follow your dreams, and then you still die. What is the purpose? why should we quit our jobs and follow our dreams if we all end up the same way?

Lamberdoodle says:

You have no idea how the "100 elders" suffered when they were young. think about it. It's not easy to live during war

Adrian Stec says:

Powerful video. I love it <3

Mohsin Moazzam says:

Love ya bro thanks

mark kaminski says:

Got fired from my job a month and a half ago. It sucked but it gave me the clarity to figure out what I'm supposed to do. What I'm going to do is very ambitious, the deck is stacked against me but I have to try.

GrM R says:

hey ! you have a great message to share think about translate it ! add subtitles to touch maximum of people in there life !

Joseph Sacco says:

Excellent video, many thanks for posting. I subscribed, and tweeted to my followers

Aleksander Vitkin says:

Great video

tenoch chichimeca says:

i quit my job two weeks ago. now im deppressed

Hadly Harold says:

thanks!!! now ive a got a clear idea about life.
i got the courage to step out of crowd and do what makes me happy in this life.

H4shT4g says:

People don't be stupid. This is princea s video and it has over a million viewers……

Queen Tayla says:

This is motivational i watched this with my kids

Sajal Somodder Roni says:

This is so important topic

Isosoft says:

That was amazing

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