Greg Plitt – One of The Best Motivational Speeches Ever (very powerful!)

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One of The Most Motivational Videos Ever


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Iris Gonzalez-Caulder says:

when I googled,
"what is a thumbnail ?"
I tapped on the channel – Sunny Lenarduzzi
video – How To Customize Make Thumbnail On You Tube

In that video Sunny Lenarduzzi didn't answer the specific question of,
"what is a thumbnail ?"

Then I tapped on the channel – beauty queen 18
video – How To Make A Thumbnail
and on 1:04-10
she answers,
" a thumbnail is the picture before a video "

Benny Blanco says:

R.I.P. big brother….

Effortless voice 24 7 says:

Greatness comes from within. Who will use that greatness today? Make today Great! Please feel free to check out my channel. Thanks

RewindThatGaming says:

Great speech

Cool Hand Luke says:

RIP #MyMentor


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