FOCUS – Motivational Video 2018 (feat. RSD Max)

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Do you want to excel in life? Do you want to attain everything you’ve ever wanted? Start training your mind to focus on what you need to do, then go out and DO IT!

Speaker: RSD Max

Check out Max’s channel here:


edmund shaftesbury says:

Thank you,im 18 and enjoying my day.I am ready! I am grateful.

D.W.L.F GAME says:

This channel is necessary, especially just before going out to game

D.W.L.F GAME says:

New Video;

Sterling Lowery says:

What we focus on, determines how we think, what we do, what we get to contribute, ultimately how our lives turn out.

Ingwar666 says:

Samuel L J movie?

Lee Cooper says:

It's all about focus. Focus on the right things. Your goals, your talents, your desires, the good in people, your abilities, your efforts.

ScorpioAries SunMoon says:

Sometimes you just need to BREATHE

Videos By Summerlii says:

Your accent changed heaps since the last time I’ve watched you . Thanks for the content!!

Mark Chen says:

Nicely done. Much better vid than the previous one you did on tendonitis;)

tomek92pl says:

MAX! Hey, listen up! You summed it all up nice in one word! FOCUS! There is one more thing, that goes together with it, and it is IMAGINATION. Those two.

MyBatteryIsLow says:

Was Max talking particularly for this video or is the talk from another vid? Btw awesome video!

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